Dolly Parton carry out what obtained billed in a push release together "an intimate, candlelit set" of holiday favorites on her new primetime network unique A Holly Dolly Christmas.

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The distinct debuted on Dec. 6 and also served as a platform for Parton to share her personal faith with such performances as a choir-accompanied rendition the "I quiet Believe."

"I believe to my really core / We"ll to walk again in the sunshine / by the seashore / the we"ll dance and also we"ll sing / and be happy again," Parton sings in a track that suits 2020. "Don"t know just how or when, however we will again / You"ll watch / ns still believe."

"I am so proud to it is in a part of the CBS family members this vacation season with my newChristmas special," Parton claimed in a statement.

The show description promised "faith-?lled hymns and also light-hearted vacation classics" plus Parton"s "personal Christmas stories and also faith-based recollections that the season."

"When Dolly Parton calls and also tells you she wants to carry out a Christmas show, girlfriend don"t hesitate," added Jack Sussman, executive, management vice chairman of specials, music and live Events/alternative and also reality for CBS (as quoted through People). "A special with the multi-Grammy Award-winning, prolific songwriting, epos live show of every time? She had actually us in ~ hello."

Parton and music market executive Danny Nozell are the TV special"s executive producers.

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The brand-new holiday special adhered to the Oct. 2 release of Parton"s an initial Christmas album in 30 years, likewise titled A Holly Dolly Christmas. The album features guest appearances by Michael Buble, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Fallon, Billy ray Cyrus and also Parton"s goddaughter, Miley Cyrus.

The CBS special and album aren"t the only new Christmas-themed mediums for the nation Music hall of Famer. The Netflix movie Dolly Parton"s Christmason the Square debuts Nov. 22. It will certainly co-star Christine Baranski (Mamma Mia), Jenifer Lewis, law Williams, mary Lane Haskell, josh Segarra and also Jeanine Mason. The holiday flick, directed and also choreographed by Emmy and gold Globe winner Debbie Allen, will additionally feature 14 original songs by Parton.

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For even more Christmas cheer, revisit the 2016 movie Dolly Parton"s Christmasof countless Colors: one of Love (the sequel come 2015"s Dolly Parton"sCoat of countless Colors).