See what else Parton, Lind, Schroder and also Jennifer Nettles, who stars as Parton"s mother Avie Lee, had actually to say around the new heartfelt movie in the video clip above.

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We’re just a day away from everyone’s favorite brand-new holiday tradition… a brand new Dolly Parton movie! This Wednesday Dolly Parton is taking fans through an additional phase of she life v the movie Christmas of countless Colors: one of Love on NBC.

The story bring away viewers v ups-and-downs v the Parton family as castle navigate through some really trying times.

“It’s a true story from Dolly’s childhood around a yes, really scary time the her and her family went through and how faith, love and sacrifice got her through that,” stated Alyvia Alyn Lind, the actress starring together a young Dolly. “I’m really excited to acquire to this movie due to the fact that we deserve to start to check out a tiny bit more of Dolly starting to pursue her dream.”

The movie represents many of the most crucial things in Parton’s life, she says.

“The movie is referred to as ‘Circle that Love,’ and also the circle represents the family circle, and the halo, crown that thorns and also Jesus’ birthday. One of the story in the movie is once we together children and dad all got up the money to buy Mama a wedding ring because that Christmas,” said Dolly previously. “She had a house complete of kids, and never had actually a wedding ring. That likewise represents the circle of family. There’s another component of the movie about a Christmas miracle the actually happened when we got snowbound in our tiny cabin in the hole and virtually died. We practically froze come death, and also Daddy was gone. Us didn’t have any food, and we couldn’t obtain out. That a miracle with prayer the my mama had.”

The story native the sequel to critical year’s Coat of numerous Colors is one actor Ricky Schroder finds to be very important to tell.

“I think it’s vital to call stories around Dolly because she’s an American icon and also legend. We all know her together Dolly Parton today… the big hair, the rhinestones, you know, the beautiful woman she is, however where go she come from? that were the human being that influenced her? That elevated her? the taught her?”

See what rather Parton, Lind, Schroder and also Jennifer Nettles, who stars together Parton’s mommy Avie Lee, had to say about the brand-new heartfelt movie in the video clip above.

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Watch Christmas of plenty of Colors: circle of Love top top NBC top top Wednesday, Nov. 30 in ~ 9/8c.