Dolly Parton has actually collaborated with countless singers throughout she career. One of them was Kenny Rogers, who was also a good friend. They had a good answer come why they never dated.

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How Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers met

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Parton and Rogers released their an initial duet, “Islands in the Stream,” in 1983. This to be after Parton became aware of his music and also loved his voice.

“I an initial became conscious of Kenny once he was through a group called an initial Edition,” she said during the CMT GIANTS unique honoring Rogers, according to “I heard a song dubbed ‘I simply Dropped In to view What problem My condition Was In.’”

She climate said, “I thought that was really clever, but I loved the sound the his voice and I kind of followed approximately to view who the was and also got more involved in his music.”

Eventually, the singers released multiple duets. Their an initial one was very successful.

What song did Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton sing together?

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The singers ended up releasing plenty of songs together. A year ~ “Islands in the Stream,” the singers released “The biggest Gift that All” because that Christmas. They then released “Real Love” in 1985, “Love Is Strange” in 1990, and also “You Can’t do Old Friends” in 2013.

Their last performance with each other was in 2017 at the every In because that The Gambler: Kenny Rogers’ bye Concert Celebration, follow to an international News. This event was in celebration of Rogers, that was retiring due to being ill.

“How around me and also you walk out like rock stars?” Parton asked that on stage. They performed “Island in the Stream” together. Parton additionally sang “I Will always Love You” come him.

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers had actually ‘tension’


Kenny Rogers and also Dolly Parton in 1987 | Walt Disney tv via Getty Images

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Some fans have actually wondered why the duet partners never ever dated. They had a feeling of humor as soon as asked this.

“First the all, she’s tough to look at because that me,” Rogers joked in one interview v Today in 2017. “I’m not his type,” Parton added. However then Rogers went on come say the truth they didn’t date has actually assisted their art.

“I’m a believer that stress and anxiety is far better if you keep it than if you meet it,” the said. “And then secondly, she stated no to me.” Parton then defined that she didn’t think your friendship might lead come something romantic.

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“Nah. You know what, we were nearly like brother and sister,” she said. “And the would virtually be like incest. For this reason we simply never walk there.”

Parton has actually been married to Carl thomas Dean due to the fact that 1966. Rogers died in 2020 and was married come Wanda Miller.