Question: us rented a auto for ours month-long holidays in Baltimore with Dollar Rent-A-Car recently. Ns was quoted a price of $872 for an economy car.

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When we landed on the counter, us were told castle didn’t have any type of economy cars yet that they would provide us a midsize car. Even though the gas mileage would certainly be worse than we had actually planned, we grudgingly accepted.Next, castle announced the there would be a $10 per day added driver fee because that my mam to be listed as a driver. The dues hadn’t been disclosed to us when we booked the car.

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We typically share the driving obligations on ours vacations. We had reserved the car for 28 days. That was walk to it is in $280 us hadn’t planned on! us protested and also argued. Lock wouldn’t budge.

We feeling “had” ~ above both counts — car size and fee.

After a couple of days, we dubbed Dollar and told them we wanted the automobile we originally reserved and also didn’t want to pay the additional driver fee. Lock agreed and also arranged for united state to exchange our car in Philadelphia, which us did. Dollar agreed to eliminate the added driver fee from the new rental.

You deserve to imagine our surprise when we discovered that we were fee the fee, anyway. We found out about it only at the last minute, as we do the efforts to record our trip home. Us didn’t have time to argue.

Is there any way to have this bill reduced by the $180 we think we to be overcharged? — Bayard Allmond, Berkeley, Calif.

Answer: disagreement should have actually told you around the extr driver fee up front, so you could have made an notified decision about your rental.

It’s highly unusual because that a auto rental agency to fee an extra driver fee because that a spouse, however such a surcharge isn’t illegal. That is miscellaneous of a money grab, though. Does it expense the car rental company much more if her wife, brother or child drives her rental? No. Will certainly your auto insurance cover damages to the automobile if it’s damaged? inspect with your insurance company, yet I’ve never heard of one “extra driver” fee having any type of relevance in a claim that requires a driver’s insurance company.

Some automobile rental providers will allow spouses to journey a rental at no extra charge. However what walk marriage need to do v a rental car? critical time ns checked, it had actually nothing to execute with it in ~ all.

So, no, ns can’t blame you for feeling “had” through the extra driver fee.

The involuntary upgrade, however, was not a scam. That was just Dollar not managing its fleet well, and running the end of economic climate cars. To it is in fair come Dollar, and also other rental companies, it’s really daunting to effectively control your fleet when vehicle drivers can cancel your rental v no penalty.

I checked through Dollar on your case. It claims that the terms and conditions, which encompass its additional driver fee, are disclosed top top its site but “can it is in overlooked,” follow to a spokeswoman. “We also have a detailed respond to system that itemizes and completely discloses all rental charges, options, taxes and also fees,” she added.

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Dollar apologized for not managing your case much better and refunded the extr driver fee, together agreed.