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If you"re looking to save money on your next vehicle rental, make certain you know around the Dollar auto Rental promo codes. The listed below is a break down of how to usage them and list the the peak promo codes and CDPs.

About Dollar vehicle Rental

Image via Flickr by AutoRentals.comHaving covered almost all the other major car rental companies including Enterprise, Avis, National, Budget, and Hertz, it"s only proper to covering another firm that"s a favourite for many – Dollar auto Rental.


The Dollar logo design before and afterLike countless companies, the usage of the word “rental a car” all of a sudden became “car rental” in the early on 2000s i beg your pardon then came to be referred come Dollar or simply “dollar.”.

For those the don"t know, disagreement is under the Hertz umbrella which renders up a trio of Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty. Hertz acquired Dollar in 2012. This is why at airports girlfriend will regularly see 2 that 3 of them side-by-side or share a counter.

As they try to transform themselves right into a more modern-day company, you"ll see a brand new website and also cleaner style overall. That said, if friend click roughly their website, you"ll still view remnants of your old user-interface which will certainly make friend squirm.

Also, because they"re under Hertz, a many the terminology and underlying an innovation is fairly similar.


Dollar has actually traditionally been the second-tier of car rental suppliers that make its surname in north America.

So unlike Hertz, National, Enterprise, and Avis wherein they have actually a huge footprint and also charge a high price there is no discount codes, dollar is frequently less inflated and much more affordable as a typical base-rate that anyone deserve to get. This is similar to say Budget and also Fox Rent-A-Car.

Similar come Hertz, Dollar also has a “Manager"s Special” option as soon as booking. Essentially you publication not understanding what course of auto you"ll get and also on the work of, they"ll simply assign you what is more optimal for the location"s inventory. In return, you get a lessened price. This is regularly a no-risk instance as their price is the same as the lowest course of automobile you can get – Compact.

Lastly, as with practically every car rental company nowadays, they sell the “Pay Later” and also “Pay Now” options. My referral is to constantly pay later due to the fact that this provides you maximum flexibility and permits you to cancel in ~ the an extremely last minute.


Dollar is predominantly well-known in phibìc America but has surprising reach in Europe as well.

If you"re spring to rental a vehicle in the US, opportunities are there"s a Dollar at the nearby significant airport and also city. Overall, I"d say their footprint is pretty good and on par through a many the other large boys.

What is peculiar is exactly how from there, you have actually 3 different websites for Dollar in the areas of Canada, UK, and the rest of Europe.

Canada – This is their 2nd largest sector with likewise a hard footprint approximately the country. The said, your website seems to be a streamlined version.

UK – This is where the website bring away a dramatic turn right into the 1990s. V a committed UK website, you deserve to see more plainly all the places they sheathe (quite significant) however seems to be managed by a completely different team.

Europe – girlfriend then have actually this new URL i m sorry looks similar to the Canadian site.

So naturally you"re probably wondering, “do I should go come a various website relying on where I"m renting from?”

The prize is no. Top top the main US-based website, girlfriend can access all locations.

But wait, what around the rest of the world? The frustrating thing about Dollar is that they don"t have actually a an international map the all their locations about the world. The best I regulated to carry out was use Google Maps and search in ~ a zoomed out level. As soon as you do, you"ll realize they have actually surprising existence in:

AustraliaPhilippinesThailandIndiaBangladeshUAEIsraelSouth AfricaCape VerdeMoroccoUruguayBrazilPeruColombiaFrench GuianaArubaCuracaoPanamaHondurasGuatemalaMexicoBelizeJamaicaDominican RepublicBahamas

Lesson? Dollar has a lot much more locations 보다 you think. In many countries it"s just 1 or 2 areas at significant hubs but they"re the end there.

This method that you can easily publication a Dollar car rental because that one of plenty of epic road trip adventures such together our 7 Day southern Ireland Itinerary, a DIY safari in Kruger nationwide Park, or 8 work Iceland itinerary.

Dollar refer Rewards

Dollar additionally has that is own loyalty program dubbed Dollar express Rewards.

Joining has actually the adhering to benefits:

Skip the counter and also go directly to the lotFree authorized additional driver (sometimes described as AAO)Quicker business for reservations, pick-ups, and returnsEarn cost-free days (only because that US and Canadian residents) – You earn 1 dissension Express suggest per qualifying $1 USD spentPriority respond to serviceFree to join

While the key benefits space geared towards service travellers, this is tho worthwhile to join because it"s free.

The main included benefit is being able to skip the counter. This is important because you don"t have to go to line up at the respond to to process the paperwork. Instead, it"s all all set to go and also you head straight to her car.

Image via Flickr through
Since dissension is under Hertz, they usage the exact same terminology as soon as it pertains to corporate codes and also discount codes however they"ve streamlined it by gaining rid of facility convention numbers, price codes, and voucher numbers.

There are two fields accessible when booking with Dollar auto Rental:

Promo CodeCorporate Discount Program

What"s a Promo Code?

Promo Codes are commonly issued by Dollar for public use. Some space for a limited time, and also others don"t have actually expiry. I"ve likewise found these codes produced for corporate use as well.

These are codes that don"t have to yield large discounts yet could market incentives because that weekend rentals, automobile class upgrades, discounts in particular regions, etc.

The acronym for this is PC.

What"s a this firm Discount Program?

Dollar has corporate codes called their Corporate Discount Program or CDP because that short.

These room specially negotiated contracts through companies and also organizations v normally much better discounts and terms 보다 those accessible to the public.

To use them, you must be employees or members the company/organization affiliated through the code or you could be a vendor or contractor as well.

Before you use a CDP, make sure you review the disclaimer on utilizing corporate code so you understand the dangers if you"re using it without gift an employee/member.

How to gain the best address Dollar auto Rental

As girlfriend go through the list of password on the official and corporate side, you"ll uncover that in Dollar"s case, the publicly easily accessible codes room pretty good.

If you want to play the safe, the codes for AAA members are wonderful at 10% off. In addition, you acquire a free child seat, totally free additional driver, and also 10% turn off prepaid fuel. Codes room chapter certain although i doubt you"d get in trouble for using a code for a chapter that isn"t your closest one.

For weekly or weekend rentals, the Dollar automobile rental promo code 101607 it s okay you 15% off which beats much more than half of the this firm codes the end there.

On the corporate next of things, CDP 3063724 is rather remarkable and also the only one that provides you far-reaching discount. All the others room similar, if no worse than the main codes.

If you"d fairly not usage coupon codes or just want an easy method to find the cheapest rates across all vehicle rental companies, ns recommend that you try Discover dare or These space search engines similar to Kayak and Skyscanner but for automobile rentals. They look at all vehicle rental service providers and carry out the best rates so you don"t need to look at every one, one at a time.

Compilation that Dollar automobile Rental Promo Codes

We finally arrive at the disagreement discount codes themselves. We"re going to break points down in between official and also corporate.

How to usage the listed below tables

To usage the codes, simply click the orange switch on the best side that the table. This duplicates the Dollar code to her computer/smartphone so you can paste the in the rental car booking form.

Official dissension promo and discount password codes

Especially v the existing climate of this firm codes and car rental companies checking more aggressively, it"s for sure to go through the official codes and discounts.

CodeOfferGood for?ExpiryGo to Discount
N/A15% off once you salary nowIf friend don"t think you"ll need to readjust your reservation, this is the ideal discount you"ll find05-Jul-21Copy Code
PC: 10160715% turn off weekly/weekend auto rentalBest for weekly/weekend rentals31-Dec-21Copy Code
PC: 10160910% turn off weekly/weekend auto rentalGood for weekly/weekend rentalsIdentical come 10160431-Dec-21Copy Code
PC: 10160410% turn off base price of weekend/weekly rentalGood discount for weekend/weekly rentals31-Dec-21Copy Code
CDP: 300008410% off (AAA, West and central NY)Easy to use code that returns the largest discount for official codesNoneCopy Code
CDP: 30422365% off (Union Plus)If you belong to a union, this is basic to join and useNoneCopy Code
CDP: 30639535% turn off (Corporate shopping Channel)Free to sign up to be a member. This is the conventional 5% off.NoneCopy Code
CDP: 30410657% off (AICPA)If you"re a member of AICPANoneCopy Code
PC: 101608Get a free day top top 3+ work rentalFor a 3 job rental, this is a pretty an excellent deal31-Dec-21Copy Code
N/A50 AAdvantage mile (American Airlines)If you collection American airlines miles however note that frequent Flyer Surcharge may be addedNoneCopy Code

Instant evaluation of official Dollar codes: You can save great money through going v the “Pay Now” choice with 15% off but I really choose the AAA vehicle rental discount codes where you not just save 10% yet you also get an additional driver, cost-free baby seat, and 10% pre-paid fuel. Remember, AAA this firm discount codes are broken down by local club chapters. Another good one is the generic pc 101607 which gets you 15% if girlfriend rent because that a main or weekend.

Dollar vehicle Rental corporate codes

There aren"t that plenty of corporate codes the end there and also so the list is limited.

The savings noted are either provided directly through Dollar but in the case where that isn"t a clear cut, I"ve calculated the discounts off of total price savings contrasted to how much the would price without any codes.

Again, please review the disclaimer below on using corporate codes.

CodeOfferInclusionsUnderage fee?One-way fee?Get Discount
CDP: 306372470% off (Pvtistes Canada)Unlimited mileage, extr driverYesNoCopy Code
PC: 1001827% off (Unknown)Unlimited mileageYesNoCopy Code
CDP: 30287216% off (Schluchin/Chabad)Unlimited mileage, additional driverYesYes (not worth it due to the fact that this is an ext than the standard rate)Copy Code
CDP: 30210636% off (NSA BPA Apparel Company)Unlimited mileage, additional driverYesYes (not precious it because this is much more than the conventional rate)Copy Code
CDP: 30277246% off (Colorado Titans)Unlimited mileage, extr driverYesYes (not precious it since this is much more than the standard rate)Copy Code
CDP: 30313965% off (US federal government Leisure)Unlimited mileageYesNoCopy Code
CDP: 30306465% off (Sun Kiss Villas)Unlimited mileageYesNoCopy Code
CDP: 30468475% off (E&I participating Services)Unlimited mileageYesNoCopy Code
CDP: 30246505% turn off (Department the Defense)Unlimited mileageYesNoCopy Code
PC: 1001725% turn off (Dave Ramsey)Unlimited mileageYesNoCopy Code
PC: 10037129% turn off (Military and also government)Unlimited mileage, one class upgrade, restricted classes availableYesOne-ways not availableCopy Code

Instant analysis of dollar corporate codes: Remarkably, the disagreement CDP password are rather average and also many the them are similar. The one that stands out is CDP 3063724 at close to 70% off base rates.

How to apply Dollar promo and also CDP codes

Entering codes with Dollar is really easy.

When you arrive at the Dollar residence page, click on the “Pick-up Location” box and also it will increase to look like the below.

Enter in her reservation details and also enter the proper code under Promo Code or Corporate Discount Program. If you have actually an express ID, enter it as well.

From here, you"ll be taken to the vehicle choice page and immediately you need to see a yellow crate which highlights your password if you entered in a CDP. You will certainly not check out anything because that promo codes.

After the an option of choices (insurance, infant seat, etc.), you"ll get to the final page come reserve. Click Details to expand the rental information. Pay attention to any kind of one-way fees if there room any, the discount percentage, and the final total.

Lastly, if you"re looking to earn commitment points, make sure to placed in her membership number.

One-way rentals

No one-way fees once not using any kind of codes – as soon as you do a preventive without any kind of codes in ~ all, no one-way fees apply which is good news. The said, I just tried SLC -> LAX so her experience might vary.

One-ways come out cheaper? – ns noticed something rather peculiar as soon as looking at one-way rentals. Granted this is isolated my baseline evaluation where I offered SLC come LAX in the US however when using codes that don"t charge a one-way dues ($0.40/mile), the total price because that some reason was cheaper than pick ups and returns native SLC.

Peculiar things with the Dollar preventive system

Besides the underage driver problem mentioned above, over there are few other points that I have actually noticed.

Add-on glitch – when using password and adding in choices such as insurance (LDW, PAI/PEC, LIS), baby seat, prepaid fuel, it doesn"t it seems ~ to include those choices into the complete cost. This renders it look choose they are free even despite it reflects the add-on complete separately. This is no accurate due to the fact that this action happens through all codes.

Difficult to understand what"s contained with CDPs – at most, I"ve watched the system present the consist of of AAO (additional driver) but never anything else. Some CDPs to speak they encompass other things yet they don"t show up in the device so it"s honestly hard to say.

Underage drivers

Dollar has a page that especially talks about drivers that room 20-24 (under 25). There, it breaks down the requirements and also how it"s actually 18-24 in the state of brand-new York, Michigan, and also Quebec.

It also references a Young Renter Fee. Look at deeper and it says “Charge varies based on automobile class and renting location. Automobile class limitations apply.”

Not advantageous right?

Even less valuable is the virtual booking mechanism where you can"t even specify whether you"re underage or not. It simply doesn"t ask for period like other car rental companies. Together a result, girlfriend can"t also get a quote on what the Young Renter fees is uneven you contact the place itself.

As for codes to waive the Young Renter Fee? there doesn"t seem to be any kind of although rumour has actually it the the department of Defence password does but this is unconfirmed.

Earning other commitment points v Dollar

It"s not exactly the most lucrative way to build loyalty points however Dollar does have partnerships with number of airlines and IHG. Examine out the complete list of travel partners.

For airlines, earnings start in ~ 50 airline miles every qualified rental day. This varies dramatically in between frequent flyer programs.

For IHG, you’ll it is in rewarded with an 125 IHG Rewards society points per rental day.

When booking, you can enter in your commitment membership and that"s it. A heads up though, dollar charges a frequent flyer surcharge the $0.75 USD – $0.95 USD per day if you earn regular flyer point out on a rental for part programs.

You likewise can"t knife Dollar refer Rewards and loyalty points in ~ the exact same time.

Other tips on saving money through Dollar

Here are a pair of simple tips on car rental savings through Dollar auto Rental.

Sign up because that Dollar to express Rewards – The main advantage is being able to skip the counter and also go directly to the car.Don"t rent from the airport if you deserve to – Those airport fees add up. They sneakily speak to it miscellaneous ambiguous i beg your pardon is why you"ll check out “Ap Conc dues Recov”, “Concessn Rec Srchg”, and also “Trans facility Fee”. Week rentals sometimes cheaper 보다 5 or 6 days – Discounts often kick in as soon as you struggle a complete week so if you"re close to that, try getting a quote for 7 days.Prepaying fuel is never a great idea – uneven you think you"re walking to it is in in a crazy time crunch, always fill up the tank prior to you return the car. Even if they sell you a temping fuel plan, it"ll always be more expensive than you pour it until it is full it up by yourself.

Disclaimer on utilizing corporate codes

As i talk around in the finish guide to automobile rental coupon codes, one point you must be aware of is the codes native the corporate section belong come corporations produced for their employees or space for members of large box stores.

Using these codes without being an employee or member is exterior of their price terms. If girlfriend do obtain into one accident, your very own insurance might be void coverage if her misuse gets surfaced. It"s also possible that car rental suppliers may readjust your rate throughout your rental if they discover out. It is likewise unclear whether if friend purchase added coverage (LDW, LIS, PAI, PEC etc.), whether that will be nulled if they uncover out.

You need to be okay with these uncertain risks if you decision to use one of the corporate codes. If you don"t feeling comfortable, girlfriend should simply stick through the main Dollar discount codes.

Frequently request Questions

What is the finest Dollar CDP code?

The finest overall and risk-free code space the AAA codes such together CDP 3000084 at 10% off . If you"re renting because that a mainly or weekend, the share Promo code 101607 is also good at 15% off. You can also try CDP 3063724 for deep discounts.

Does Dollar check for ID once using a CDP?

Car rental providers are becoming much more vigilant around checking because that IDs so there"s a high possibility that they will certainly ask because that ID.

Can you carry out one-way rentals v Dollar?

One-way rentals are allowed with Dollar. Surprisingly, in numerous cases, no one-way fees are used or rise in rates. However, part CDPs do add on an high value one-way fee.

Does dollar offer any type of AAA or CAA discounts?

Yes, disagreement does have actually an affiliation v AAA yet not with CAA. Dollar has actually a unique CDP code per region.

Does Dollar have actually discounts because that Costco members?

No, Dollar walk not sell discounts for Costco members.

Can you stack a promo code through a CDP?

The mechanism will enable you to execute this yet the CDP rate will override any kind of rate discounts the come through the promo code. That said, if it"s a course upgrade or some various other promotion, lock should be able to stack.

Does Dollar charge an underage fee?

Yes, if you"re under 25, a “Young Renter Fee” is added. This dues is ar dependent. Currently you can"t view what this fee is online and also there are no password that deserve to remove this fee.

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