In the northeast region of Sicily, Italy, is a tiny prehistoric town referred to as Troina, which boasts all the trappings of, well, a little prehistoric town. Yes a crumbled castle and vestiges of an ancient cemetery, walking trails as soon as trod by shepherds, and cobblestone routes beneath arches. Summer brings fairs, festivals, and theater performances; and the stars, much from urban interference, light extra bright. The skies isn’t the just striking sight; Troina is nicknamed the “Balcony of Sicily” because that its views of the neighboring landscape, which contains the still-active volcano mount Etna to the east.

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If you haven’t already decided to move there immediately, this next revelation can do the trick: City public official will sell you a house in Troina’s historic district for a single euro (or simply over $1). For all its bucolic appeal, the aged epicenter has essentially been deserted in recent decades as residents have migrated to more recent abodes top top the outskirts of city or search greener pastures in other locations entirely. As market Sebastiano Fabio Venezia called CNN Travel, the genuine estate to plan is a method “to conserve our old ar from the grave and also recover its lost grandeur, as soon as it was the Norman capital of Sicily.” it’s an alluring offer, yet not an original idea; Italy has played hold to plenty of similar real estate deals in the past, from naples to the Italian Alps.

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Your bargain residence would admittedly be much more than a little bit of a fixer-upper, however Troina’s federal government is ready to assist with remodeling costs. In addition to €15,000 (about $18,200) for “restyle bonuses,” you could likewise qualify for an additional €10,000 (about $12,100) to download energy performance systems. Friend will have to put under a €5000 (roughly $6100) deposit, which you will do it get ago after you’re done restoring the house. Yes a timeline for that, too—send in your architecture plans within a year, begin renovations in ~ two, and finish all work within three.

For anyone who desires of settling in Sicily yet isn’t fairly so confident in their home innovation capabilities, Troina has actually already-inhabitable residences on the market, too. These likewise come with taxes breaks and government grants, though many are listed for 10s of hundreds of dollars.

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The dwellings are available to anyone from anywhere; Venezia has even mobilized a team of multilingual actual estate experts to protect against expats from obtaining “lost in bureaucracy” or overwhelmed by “tedious paperwork.” you can explore all the pricier options on HouseTroina ideal now, and also the $1 dwellings should show up on the site in the next several days.