Q: Did the government issue brand-new dollar coins there is no the words "In God us Trust"?

A: conference ordered the indigenous to be stamped top top the edges of the coins, but an unknown number of "Godless dollars" were created by mistake.

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Please check the accuracy of this e-mail.

I’ll perform this, hope you all will?? REFUSE new COINS

This basic action will make a solid statement. Please help do this.. Refuse to expropriate these when they are handed come you. I received one native the short article Office as readjust and i asked for a dollar invoice instead. The lady simply smiled and said ‘way come go’, for this reason she had actually read this e -mail. Please aid out…our people is in sufficient trouble there is no this too!!!!! U..S.Government to Release new Dollar Coins you guessed it ‘IN GOD us TRUST’ IS GONE!!! If ever before there was a factor to boycott something, THIS IS IT!!!! carry out NOT accept THE brand-new DOLLAR COINS AS change Together we can pressure them the end of circulation. Please send to all on her mailing list!!


Earlier execution of this chain e-mail were flying roughly shortly ~ the U.S. Mint authorize the an initial presidential disagreement coin in 2007. The e-mails dubbed for a boycott that the new coins. This version shouts in capital letters: " ‘IN GOD we TRUST’ IS GONE!!"

The claim isn’t true, however, together the writer of this anonymous messages could easily have discovered simply by looking in ~ one or two coins, or by visiting the internet site that the U.S. Mint. In fact, on all but a relative few of the coins (which were assets of production errors), the native "In God us Trust" are stamped ideal where conference ordered them to be, on the leaf of the coin rather than top top the usual location.

The Presidential $1 Coin act of 2005 states: "The engraving of the year that minting or issuance of the coin and also the inscriptions ‘E Pluribus Unum’ and also ‘In God we Trust’ shall be edge-incused right into the coin." The measure was happen by unanimous consent in the Senate and with one overwhelming majority in the House, and also quietly signed into law by President bush on Dec. 22, 2005.

The U.S. Mint discussed the unexplained placement that the engraving when it started promoting the an initial of the coins in a publicity tourism in early 2007. A news release issued Jan. 25, 2007, said: "For the first time because the 1930s, coin inscriptions such as ‘E Pluribus Unum’ and ‘In God we Trust’ will certainly be prominently enrolled on the sheet of the coins."

Nevertheless, that allude was let go by some, and erroneous e-mail messages started circulating almost immediately. The urban-myth-busting site Snopes.com built up one such e-mail in February 2007 that lamented, "Here’s another means of phasing God out of America," and also that dubbed for a boycott. Several of the language in that post is the same to language in number of messages that readers have actually sent to united state in recent weeks.

Although there is no reality to the concept that Washington has ordered God off the new coins, hundreds of them have indeed appeared without the plan inscription because of errors by the Mint. The first presidential coins went into circulation Feb. 15, 2007, and less 보다 a week later on a coin-collecting expert, Susan Headly, reported on her About.com blog the "thousands" the the coins had appeared in Florida v no edge lettering. But this was resulted in by errors at the Philadelphia Mint, she reported, not because of any type of government policy. The Mint approve a statement on in march 7, 2007, saying the "an unspecified quantity of this coins inadvertently left the United states Mint at Philadelphia without edge-lettering top top them." the added, "As we adjust this new process, we intend to eliminate any type of such defects."

The an initial mistakes impacted only coins honoring the very first president, George Washington. Buta couple of months later, the very same errors showed up ~ above some added coins honoring the second president, john Adams. Soon a clever reporter began calling coins with missing inscriptions "Godless dollars," and also the term has actually stuck.

Far indigenous boycotting the coins, however, collectors bid up the price the the "Godless dollars" precisely due to the fact that they are mistakes and, therefore, reasonably scarce. It would be a stretch to contact the "Godless" dollars "rare," but they space uncommon. The Mint claims it has created a complete of 340,360,000 that the Washington dollars, for example. So "thousands" with absent inscriptions would certainly still constitute just a small percentage of the total. One eBay seller was offering a "Godless" Adams dollar for $500 as we composed this, and the very same seller was questioning $220 for a much more common "Godless" Washington dollar.

Our advice: If you are available a "Godless" $1 coin in change, think about what it can fetch ~ above eBay before you decision whether or no to refuse it.

But it is in warned: Some have actually taken to grinding the indigenous "In God us Trust" off the edge of disagreement coins in hopes of fooling collectors. The Mint has warned the it is a federal crime to industry such transformed coins together true "error coins" prized through collectors.


Footnote: conference has offered up top top the idea of putting "In God we Trust" top top the edge of $1 coins. At the finish of 2007, it placed language in a substantial appropriations invoice saying the "In God us Trust" must appear on the obverse or the turning back ("heads" or "tails") of future coins. And this year, the Mint put "In God us Trust" on the obverse ("heads" side) of the dollar coin honoring the 9th president, william Henry Harrison. The coins started circulating Feb. 19. The edges room still inscribed, however they bring only the indigenous "E Pluribus Unum," the year "2009," and the letters "D" or "P" signifying even if it is they were developed by the Denver or Philadelphia mint.

-Brooks Jackson


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