Hot Dogs across America

If you want to see controversy, simply ask a new Yorker his opinion of a Chicago Dog or vice versa. Similar to people room loyal to the hometown baseball team, they are equally loyal to their hometown hot dog.

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Americans eat billions of warm dogs each year. In restaurants and at street carts, ballparks and also backyard barbeques - hot dogs room everywhere! however depending on wherein you purchase your hot dog, your toppings may differ radically. Here"s our brief guide ~ above what to expect when you purchase your hot dog away from home.


New York City

New Yorkers eat much more hot dog than any kind of other team in the country. Native downtown Manhattan to Coney Island, once you to buy your warm dog in the huge Apple, it will come offered with steamed onions and a pale, deli-style yellow mustard.



The possible antithesis to new York dogs, Chicago dogs space layered with yellow mustard, dark eco-friendly relish, chopped raw onion, pickle spear, sports peppers, tomato slices and topped through a dash of celery salt and served in a poppy particle bun.


Atlanta and also the South

Buying a hot dog in ~ Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves, or in other places in Atlanta and the south, you"ll uncover your dog topped v coleslaw and also perhaps some delicious Vidalia onions.


Kansas City

Get the mints the end - you"ll need them as soon as you order up a hot dog in KC as it is served with sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese top top a sesame seed bun.


The Rockie Dog

Served at Coors Field, the residence of the Colorado Rockies - is a foot-long dog v grilled peppers, kraut and also onions.

The Fenway Frank

Served in ~ none other than Fenway Park - is the just dog to eat if watching the Red Sox. It"s boiled and also grilled and served in a new England style bun v mustard and also relish. Brand-new England dogs can also be uncovered topped with Boston small beans

Sonoran Dog

This Southwestern favorite features a grilled, bacon-wrapped warm dog on a sturdy bun, pinto beans, grilled onions and green peppers, chopped fresh tomatoes, relish, tomatillo jalapeno salsa, mayonnaise, mustard and shredded cheese.

Michigan Coney Island Dog (AKA Michigan Coney)

This favourite of Michiganders features a meaty chili sauce on peak of a warm dog with mustard and onion.

New Jersey Dog

A selection of hot dog formats can be uncovered in brand-new Jersey however the one most distinct to the state is the Italian Dog. That a warm dog in thick pizza bread topped with onions, peppers and also deep fried potatoes.

Philadelphia Dog

A classic Philadelphia dog is one of the most interesting ones you’ll find. It attributes the brotherly love of an all-beef hot dog with a fish cake within the bun as well. The is regularly topped v a sweet vinegary slaw and spicy mustard.

Cleveland polish Boy

Cleveland is home to two unique hot dog offerings. The Polish boy is a kielbasa or warm dog served on a bun spanned with a great of french fries, a class of sweet southern layout barbecue sauce or warm sauce, and also a great of coleslaw. That is commonly found in carts around town. At ind games and also elsewhere in the city friend can additionally top your warm dog through Stadium Mustard, a form of Brown mustard with similar flavor come a spicy Dijon mustard.

Cincinnati Coney

The home of famed chili is likewise the home of some delicious chili dogs. These room topped with Cincinnati layout chili and usually additionally feature a heaping mound of grated cheddar cheese ~ above top.

Washington, D.C.

The Nation’s resources is wherein you’ll discover the half-smoke: a half pork, half beef sausage the is choose a warm dog but with much more coarsely floor meat and also a tiny extra spice. A classic half-smoke is topped with chili, mustard and onions. Friend can discover them in hot dog joints approximately the city and at Nationals Park.


There are countless different hot dog varieties sold throughout the state that California, yet the one most distinctive to the state is a bacon sheathe dog v grilled onions and also peppers. These are favorites from carts around Los Angeles and also San Francisco.


The Seattle dog uses a topping twist not uncovered in plenty of places about the country…cream cheese. The hot dogs are break-up in fifty percent and grilled before being placed in a toasted bun and also are additionally topped v grilled onions. Sriracha sauce and also jalapeños room popular additions as well.


True to its root in the far north, the Alaska dog is frequently called a Reindeer warm dog or sausage, however it isn’t in reality made from reindeer meat. Rather the meat is typically caribou. The warm dog is offered in a steamed bun through grilled onions the are sometimes sautéed in coca-cola.

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How carry out You Say...?

Traveling overseas soon? You"ll never ever be hungry again through the following translations.Spanish - Perrito CalienteItalian - Caldo CaneFrench - Chien ChaudGerman - Heisser Hund, or WurstPortugese - Cachorro QuenteSwedish - Korv, or VarmkorvNorweigan and also Danish - GrillpolserCzech - Park v RohlikuDutch - WorstjesFinnish - Makkarat

Other regional Preferences

Midwesterners eat more pork and beef warm dogs than any kind of other region of the country. Westerners eat more poultry hot dogs than any kind of other an ar of the country. However, southerners room a nearby second.Easterners favor all-beef warm dogs and consume an ext than any other region of the country.

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