Pets because that VetsAs a organization to our veterans, every adoptions are cost-free with evidence of service every job at pet Care.

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Find the best FitWhile there is a human being for every animal, we recognize that no every pet is because that every person. If you take on an animal and also discover that you space not compatible, you may return your pet in ~ 30 days, satisfaction guaranteed.
Spay or neuter Microchip and Registration PetHub ID tag Vaccines De-wormer Flea therapy Heartworm test (for dogs) Heartworm treatment for HW+ dog Feline Leukemia/FIV test (for cats)

Step 1: browser Our Pets click on the dog and cat photos over to see pets currently accessible for adoption. Use the filter alternative to narrow under your search. Some of our pets live in foster homes and also they are obtainable for adoption, too!

Step 2: send An adoption Inquiry If you uncover a pet the you"d like to learn much more about, click on their image. If friend think they would certainly be a an excellent match and you"d favor to visit them, you can either click on the "Apply because that Adoption" button and submit an inquiry or you deserve to visit them during our adoption walk-in hours Monday-Saturday 12pm-5pm. Submitting an inspection does not place a organize or reservation on the pet however it does notify our team that you space interested and that you have an ext questions or want to collection up a time come come visit.

Step 3: accomplish The Pet If the pet you"re interested in is currently living in ~ the shelter, we encourage you come come visit the pet as shortly as possible. If you submitted an adoption inquiry, we will shot to respond within 1-2 days. If the pet is in a foster home, us will affix you with the pet"s foster family and you should acquire a solution directly native the foster family within 1-2 days and also they can set up a time because that you to meet the pet.

Step 4: identify If that A good Match as soon as you satisfy the pet, our adoption counselors and foster households will call you every little thing they know about the pet and aid you to decide if it will certainly be a great match because that you, her pets, and your family. If it’s no a great match, it is okay! we can aid you discover a better match – there are always lots of dogs and also cats that require a home!

Step 5: Finalize The Adoption The last action is the most interesting – finalize her adoption! many pets deserve to be taken home the exact same day. Part pets might need to continue to be at the shelter for a couple of more days. Our adoption team deserve to let you recognize when your pet have the right to come home with you. We execute charge a tiny fee to adopt a pet to assist us help more animals. The fee is usually $35 however sometimes us have fostering specials and the fees space waived. We have actually a small retail store on-site therefore you have the right to get every one of your straightforward pet gives at the time you take on – easy peasy! friend can also make a donation to assist other pets find a good home.

Step 6: Tell her Circle that Friends and also Family If you had a good adoption experience, please tell her friends and family and also encourage them to take on their next pet from Greenville County pet Care. We care for thousands of dogs and also cats every year and we rely on our neighborhood to assist us find them all a home as remarkable as yours!

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snapshot ID v your current address. Because that example, a Driver"s license or State ID. Proof of age (you need to be 18 or larger to take on a pets from pet Care) Proper type of payment (cash, credit/debit card, money order). Check are embraced with a present Driver"s License. A carrier because that your adopted kitty or a leash and collar for your adopted dog. Don"t have actually these items? Don"t concern - us will have these and many more wonderful items for your brand-new pet accessible for purchase in ours Pet retail Store. Proof of armed forces service, if applicable. (Veterans adopt for free!)