This Brittany spaniel wasn"t able to walk normally after being hit through a truck. But that"s no difficulty for this established pup.

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Us humans have the right to only hope we have the right to walk—sorry, strut—with as much swagger together Dexter, a 6-year-old Brittany spaniel living in Colorado. 

After losing one that his prior legs and also needing pins implanted in the other, our sweet young was can not to walk choose a common dog. So, perhaps after seeing how quickly us humans do it, Dexter simply decided that he'd walk on his hind legs. In fact, it's practically exclusively just how he go now, his owners told 9NEWS. 

"Everyone in city knows him," his mom, Kentee Pasek, called the TV station. "In fact, they understand him now much more than they recognize us."

Dexter, who stays in the town of Ouray, began his two-legged go after an accident in 2016. Shortly after his family lugged him home, that escaped native home and eventually darted into a road where a van ran over his prior legs. Pasek called 9NEWS she was concerned Dexter wouldn't make it and that he might be the third dog they'd shed in the past couple of years. 

"I couldn't put one more dog under without offering him a chance," she called the news station. "I simply couldn't."

Luckily, the veterinary was up to the tast. He amputated Dexter's right-front leg and also inserted pins into the left limb. Dexter needed several surgeries and also physical therapy, but soon he chose to largely abandon his staying front leg. 

One day, someone recorded some video of Dexter strolling follow me on TikTok. That's whereby his web fame began. Now, he's reeled in millions of likes on TikTok and also Instagram. His mom has actually kind of become his agent, a career she didn't expect but is however grateful for—especially ~ the COVID-19 pandemic claimed her job controlling a hot spring pool, 9NEWS reports. 

"My life adjusted just for this reason dramatically," she said. "Dexter obtained me increase in the morning. The film and the conversation online got me relocating again, gained me working outside."

Perhaps you can see Dester as a source of inspiration, too. Lacking two working legs ain't stopping him, so girlfriend sure can power v to the weekend, 

"His perspective has constantly been hey everything's an excellent and I'm prefer if girlfriend think everything's great…we're walking to have the ability to pull the end of this together a world," Pasek told 9NEWS.

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