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WHO officials confirmed that a dog in Hong Kong infected v the coronavirus isn't show any kind of symptoms. They stated the animal is one older male dog that tested "weakly positive" because that COVID-19 in so late February.Health officials claimed there's no proof that animals can transmit the coronavirus however they will study the case to deal with further questions. 
A woman pushes a stroller v two dogs wearing masks along a street in Shanghai on February 19, 2020.

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World health and wellness Organization officials stated a dog in Hong Kong that had actually tested hopeful for the coronavirus is law well and hasn't developed any symptoms. 

The older masculine dog tested, which experiment "weakly positive" because that COVID-19 in so late February, is the only canine in the people with a shown infection, said Dr. Maria van Kerkhove, the technical lead that WHO's emergencies program. The dog supposedly belongs come a 60-year-old mrs who developed symptoms on Feb. 12 and later tested optimistic for COVID-19, according to The wall Street Journal. 

Despite the diagnosis, she said, there's no proof of human-to-dog or dog-to-human transmission. 

"We're only conscious of this one animal that has tested positive and also he's act well," Kerkhove said at a push conference in ~ WHO's headquarters in Geneva top top Thursday. "In regards to what this method for transmission, us don't think this is a major driver that transmission."

Kerkhove stated the who is working very closely with Hong Kong authorities, the joined Nations' Food and agriculture Organization and also the world Organization for pet Health come determine just how COVID-19 might impact animals.

WHO will continue to examine the case and will job-related with the agency's partner to address further questions, she said. 

Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of WHO's health and wellness emergencies program, added that that is not inexplicable to find animals that space infected with emerging diseases.

"We're earlier to the main point question: Are animals intimately linked with the spread of this disease? and the prize to that is no," Ryan said. "In this case, this dog was a victim an ext than others, and we require to create quite plainly what component animals could play in further transmission."

After the dog to be found, the Hong Kong government said that would quarantine all domesticated animals in a holding facility if their owner test positive and were quarantined for COVID-19.

The Centers for disease Control and also Prevention argues pet owners restrict contact with pet if the owner is infected with COVID-19. That has "petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked, and also sharing food."

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