DOG the Bounty Hunter has been married 5 times and also is now engaged to rancher Francie Frane. 

The two associated when Dog tried come reach out to Francie’s so late husband, who Dog wasn’t conscious had pass away.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter has been married five times and also is now engaged to girl friend Francie Frane.Credit: Getty pictures - Getty

Here is an ext about Dog’s relationships. 

Who is Dog’s latest wife?

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s most recent marital relationship was to Beth Chapman. 

The two married in may of 2006 at a Hilton hotel in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii.

Their youngsters include Bonnie yone Chapman, who was born December 16, 1998, and also Garry Chapman, that was born top top February 7, 2001.

Dog likewise became the adopted father of Cecily Barmore-Chapman, who was Beth’s daughter from her previous marriage.

Dog married Beth in HawaiiCredit: Getty Images

What happened to Beth Chapman?

Beth was managing aggressive throat cancer since November the 2017.

She initially went in remission, yet the an illness eventually spread to her lungs.

Beth was rushed come the hospital last year and also placed in a medically-induced coma.

Beth Chapman died due come cancer complicationsCredit: Instagram

Which shows have actually featured Dog?

Dog was provided his very own series, Dog the Bounty Hunter, in 2004.

After Dog the Bounty Hunter ended, he appeared in Dog and also Beth: ~ above the Hunt, which to be a truth TV show about both that them working together.

Beth announced in January 2016 the the Chapmans to be leaving CMT, prompting the cancellation of your show.

Spin-off Dog's many Wanted premiered on WGN America in September 2019.

Dog to be spoofed by famous South Park character, Eric Cartman in a brand-new episode.

Dog was alongside her till the very endCredit: WGN

Who is he dating now?

Dog is involved to Francie Frane, a rancher indigenous Colorado.

Dog’s daughter Lyssa Chapman and also close family members friend rainy Robinson called The sun the reality star is head end heels for Francie – and say they couldn’t be happier for the brand-new couple.

“He’s the the happiest I’ve viewed him in a long time - he’s so in love and also wants to spend the remainder of his life through Francie,” stated Lyssa.


Dog and also his new girlfriend FrancieCredit: Instagram

“Beth would give - i honestly think that Beth sent out Francie because that my dad - ns feel prefer Beth and also Bob space up there watching under over them,” she concluded.

Bob Frane, who also had pass away, to be Francie's husband.

Shortly ~ his wife Beth passed, Dog to be hospitalized for "chest pains."Doctors told Dog that he was experiencing from a pulmonary embolism -- a “life-threatening” problem in i beg your pardon one or much more heart arteries have been blocked by blood clots.Dog has actually been acquisition blood thinners to promote much better blood circulation to his heart.

How many kids did Dog the Bounty Hunter have?

Throughout his marriages, Dog ended up being the father to 12 children. 

Dog on his wedding dayCredit: Getty Images

His sons Duane Lee and also Leland Blane Chapman were in foster treatment for some time before moving in with him and working because that his bail company. 

Dog’s eldest child Christopher Michael Hecht was adopted by an additional family together his mother committed self-destruction in 1978.

Who room Dog’s wives?

Dog was an initial married come La Fonda Sue Darnell in October of 1972 and also they were with each other until 1977.

Dog, Beth, and also family

The pair had actually two children.

Dog then married Ann Tegnell in 1979. 

The pair lost their an initial born, Zebadiah Chapman, simply a month after gift born and also then had actually two much more children.

Ann to be granted custody the their children when castle divorced around 1980 and relocated come Utah. 

Dog’s 3rd wife to be Lyssa Rae Brittain.

Dog to be diagnosed v pulmonary embolism ~ Beth's deathCredit: Getty Images

The couple wed in 1982 and also had three youngsters together before splitting in 1991.

He wedded his fourth wife, Tawny Marie Chapman, in 1992 and separated in 1994.

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Beth was Dog's longest marriageCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

In 2006, Dog married Beth Chapman and also were with each other until her death.

It is unclear once Dog and also Francie will tie the knot. 

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