Dog The Bounty Hunter’s wife Beth Chapman died, aged 51 (Picture: Getty)

Beth Chapman’s step-son Leland was in the front heat at she funeral – which was livestreamed on facebook – regardless of being hospitalised earlier this week.

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The star was badly pains taking part in a manhunt with dad Dog the Bounty Hunter, v reports explain he had actually ‘torn his Achilles tendon in the chase.

But the 42-year-old made certain nothing would store him from speak a last goodbye gendergeek.orgme Beth, who passed away last month.

He was viewed looking visibly emotional together he watched the proceedings indigenous the former row, as his brothers and sisters took to the stage with tributes.

‘I never thought I’d have to walk down the aisle without her,’ she began. ‘I never ever imagined my life without her, it’s really challenging without her. I never imagined having actually to write a speech around this.

‘I’ll never forget my mother. She was the most beautiful woman that ever before lived. Look at this woman, look in ~ her!’

Leland Chapman remained in the front row at Beth’s funeral (Picture: Getty)

As the crowd cheered, the 20-year-old gendergeek.orgntinued: ‘I want to thank everyone who here.

‘I to be so thankful she acquired to share her life and our household life with all of you.

‘The people is no the same without my mother, it yes, really isn’t.

‘My household has to be so tough and also I admire every solitary one the them. They’ve every been pulling with each other for my dad who has actually been act the hardest job.’

Stopping to gain back her gendergeek.orgmposure, Bonnie added: ‘Beth Chapman will never ever be forgotten and also that’s miscellaneous I have the right to say with great gendergeek.orgnfidence.

Dog Duane Chapman hugged Bonnie after her speech (Picture: WGN America)

‘No one will ever be a bounty hunter in heels like she was.

‘No one will certainly be as an excellent a mother as she was.’

Beth died in Hawaii ~ above 22 June, ~ being placed into a median induced gendergeek.orgma.

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Her husband – actual name Duane Chapman – gendergeek.orgnfirmed the news ~ above Twitter.

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