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Fourteen month on indigenous the devastating fatality of his wife, Beth, Duane Chapman is presenting ET to the mrs who has helped him cure from the loss and given him another chance at love and also marriage. Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, lost Beth, who he had actually been married to because that 13 years, come cancer in June 2019.

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He’s now involved to Francie Frane and also the two opened about their heartwarming love story come ET’s Kevin Frazier.

Francie lost her husband, Bob, one excavator, to cancer simply six months before Beth died. In fact, it to be Francie who Duane was talking about when he last spoke come ET and mentioned that he had teared up earlier in the work while speaking to a mrs who had actually just shed her spouse. Little did Duane realize that following time he spoke to ET, he would be introducing that woman as his fiancée!

Francie admitted she hadn’t heard the Dog the Bounty Hunter, until a friend mentioned he had lost his wife and also that the two have to meet. That was two days ~ Beth pass away and also Francie dubbed her girlfriend “nuts” after she made the suggestion.

Fast forward six months and Duane, presumably needing one excavator, dubbed Bob’s call not learning he had died. Francie heard the voicemail and also called back, initially unaware she was talking to the tv star until he pointed out he was Dog the Bounty Hunter. It was during that contact the two realized they were both grieving your partners.

“As soon as ns hung up the phone, I dubbed my girlfriend and was like, ‘Are you sitting down ideal now due to the fact that you"re not going to think who I just talked to,’” Francie says. “She was screaming, ‘I told you!’”

Duane ultimately asked her out and she replied, “Yeah, if you walk to church.” While originally brushing off Duane’s advances, the emotional, tear-filled church organization culminated in the two holding hands and Duane declaring, “Gotcha!”

Francie is a previous rancher and also hunter, therefore Duane says there “couldn’t have been a much better pick that God picked” because that him. The two conveniently bonded over their grief and Duane claims he, “knew right away this to be love.”

“We understood the pain the the various other one was feeling and also those hard days and moments, we assisted each various other stand up,” Francie adds. “We can cry through each other and also talk about what we were feeling. We were able come walk alongside each various other through the pain and heartbreak and it carried us together in this amazing way.”

Duane wasted no time proposing, even getting under on one knee. The two space still deciding on a date and debating how big the ceremony will be, through Duane passionate for a “huge” wedding attend by his fans.

While the couple have uncovered love, they continue to grieve your loved ones. Duane shared how Beth used to love tubing down the Platte flow in Colorado every Father’s Day, for this reason this year he, his children and Francie visited the point out on June 26, the anniversary of her death. They setup to return annually to note the date. They likewise honor Dec. 30, i m sorry is once Bob happen away.

“We respect those dates and we don"t feeling guilty, but it"s sort of strange,” Duane said. “But we"re in love and also I say all the time, ‘Beth, I"m happy you provided me v Francie because that wasn"t on mine list.’”

Adds Francie: “We"re both quiet grieving. We"re never ever going to leaving Bob and also Beth behind forget about them. They"ll constantly be a component of us. We thought we to be going to invest the remainder of our stays with them and also that"s no what happened and also we to be dealt a really tough hand. Both of us had actually a decision to do – are we walk to rise up indigenous the ashes and also get earlier to life and also what Beth and Bob would have wanted indigenous us?”

Chapman previously told ET the would never marry again and that Beth provided to hoax she would certainly haunt him if one more woman ever took she place.

“She haunted me because that a bit!” he says. “I would never believed be an additional Mrs. Dog, but by God there will certainly be a last Mrs. Chapman.”

As because that Bob, Francie believes he would certainly wholeheartedly provide of Duane. And, the remainder of her family members is thrilled about Duane, especially her kid who was at first in disbelief about his mommy dating the star.

“I had actually them come over and also shows up in ~ the door and also I think my boy sat over there for five minutes and also couldn"t speak a word due to the fact that he to be shell-shocked,” Francie says. “Now lock love him. My nephew calls the ‘Grandpa Dog’ already.”

Francie has likewise proved to it is in a positive pressure in Duane’s health. And also helping the quit smoking, she states he now eats far better – “he’s juicing through me!” – has actually normal blood pressure and also has lost approximately 30 pounds.

As because that those that feel he has moved on too quick from Beth, Duane states he to be “dying the a damaged heart” adhering to her death, and also needed to discover a method forward. Francie alsounderstands if some Dog the Bounty Hunter fans space dubious about the romance.

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“Duane and Beth built a tradition with the shows and also she has actually – in her own right, external of Duane – countless fans genuinely love her,” she says. “So, i do recognize the, ‘How might you carry out this so quickly?’ us didn"t mean this either. My son thought ns was walking to operation off and be a missionary in Africa simply not to attend to life without Bob anymore. Neither among us were expecting what happened, yet God carried us together and how it fell into place was a miracle.”

While recent months have carried newfound joy and also love, Duane has also been earlier at work. He channeled several of his grief right into a movie project, playing himself in Hunter’s Creed. The movie, out on Oct. 6, is about a man mourning his wife who reunites v church friend to film a searching show.

“If you"ve been v the scene in your life, you"re simply bringing it ago up, so it wasn"t hard for me,” he says around the deeply personal themes of the faith-based movie. “I didn"t have to pretend and also I didn"t need to know storyline – I just let that out.”