"Dog the Bounty Hunter" star Duane Chapman claims his fiancée Francie Frane is a true gift indigenous God.

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In May, the reality TV star proposed come Frane, a previous rancher and hunter, much less than a year after losing his mam Beth Chapman to cancer in June 2019. When they met, Frane had likewise recently lost her husband Bob to the disease.

In a new interview with "Entertainment Tonight," the happy couple reflect on their love story and reveal the they think God carried them together.

The lovebirds an initial spoke about six month after Chapman"s wife passed away. At the time, the was trying to find an excavator and called Frane"s husband"s number, not discovering that he had died. Frane referred to as him ago and quickly learned the they had actually both freshly suffered a loss.

Soon enough, Champan request Frane out on a date and she had actually a straightforward response: "Yeah, if you walk to church."

By the finish of the emotionally church service, the two were hold hands and Chapman slyly declared victory, saying "Gotcha!" throughout his interview with "ET," the truth star claimed there "couldn’t have actually been a better pick that God picked” because that him.

Chapman and also Frane"s grief over the ns of their spouses to be a topic lock instantly bonded over.

“We construed the pain that the various other one was feeling and (in) those hard days and also moments, we aided each other stand up,” Frane said. “We can cry v each other and talk about what us were feeling. We were able come walk alongside each various other through the pain and heartbreak and it carried us together in this remarkable way.”

When they very first connected, no Chapman nor Frane to be seeking out love. In fact, just months after his mam passed away, Chapman told world that he would certainly not marry again.

"We didn"t suppose (this.) My kid thought i was walk to operation off and be a missionary in Africa simply not to deal with life there is no Bob anymore. Neither among us to be expecting what happened, yet God brought us together and how it fell into location was a miracle," Frane said.

As the couple looks front to new beginnings, they find it comforting the they deserve to openly grieve their former spouses together.

“We"re both still grieving. We"re never going to leave Bob and Beth behind (or) forget about them. They"ll constantly be a component of us," Frane said.

Chapman additionally can"t aid but wonder if his late wife played a role in happen Frane right into his life in ~ the appropriate time.

"I say all the time, ‘Beth, I"m happy you listed me through Francie because that wasn"t on mine list,’" the said.

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