Dog the Bounty Hunter ended up being a household name after virtually eight year on the struggle A&E display that organized his moniker. He would certainly ricochet between ruthless and also benevolent toward the fugitives he would certainly track down through his family members of bounty hunters in their pursuit of righteousness or salvation, together they observed it. Duane “Dog” Chapman to be attempting come get earlier into the game with a brand-new reality show, yet it looks prefer it was cancelled prior to it could even obtain going.

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The new reality show, Dog Unleashed, featured Dog the Bounty Hunter tracking the whereabouts of significant criminals, “from rapists come murderers to child molesters.” however something must have actually gone left with the production, together the display was cancelled just prior to it was expected to premiere on a streaming platform dubbed Unleashed to chat on April 1. Unleashed entertainment President and CEO Mike Donovan said in his explain (via Taste the Country):

We greatly respect the incredible occupational of Duane Chapman (AKA Dog the Bounty Hunter) tracking down and also bringing fugitives come justice. Unfortunately, Unleashed Entertainment received reports of actions taken by Mr. Chapman during the show’s production that breach ours contractual agreements.

The report from the streaming platform has actually indicated that Duane Chapman breached his contract, causing the cancellation of Dog Unleashed, despite it isn’t stipulated just how Dog the Bounty Hunter breached the contract because that his brand-new show come warrant this end result. The explain simply indicates that there was an investigation made by the Unleashed Entertainment manufacturing company. In that investigation, the agency said it reviewed “hours the audio and video material” and that Dog the Bounty Hunter “chose not to participate” in the investigation. Manufacturing was climate shut down.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has long to be a personality on truth TV, yet he took a break from the medium after his wife Beth Chapman died in 2019. In ~ the time, the two had been filming the show Dog"s many Wanted together and Beth ongoing to movie while ill. End the next year Duane Chapman to be open about his grief online, and eventually did discover love again, and at one point had plans to remarry less than a year after Beth"s death. Now, after ~ his TV hiatus, Dog Unleashed was an alleged to be the project acquiring him ago in the truth game.

Dog the Bounty Hunter hasn’t made any public statements concerning the new show"s cancellation as of yet, though it’s a curious case given the episodes never aired. If more details drop, we"ll be certain to store you updated.

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