as He actively searches for the doubt in Gabby Petito"s death, Duane "Dog" Chapman is apparently working ~ above a new TV series for the well known bounty hunter.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter Shops brand-new TV display as His Hunt for Brian Laundrie Continues
Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman can soon be getting a brand-new television series. Through the renowned bounty hunter in the headlines a lot lately, the production firm Thinkfactory Media (WE TV"s Marriage boot Camp, TBS" Rat in the Kitchen) is apparently shopping a brand-new reality collection featuring Dog law what that does best. Chapman and Thinkfactory are likewise said to be working together on pitching the new show come potential buyers.

Chapman is ideal known for leading his own reality series, dubbed Dog the Bounty Hunter, top top A&E. The present ran because that eight seasons before concluding its run, yet Dog was far from finished. With his then-wife Beth Chapman, Dog likewise co-starred on the CMT series Dog and Beth: top top the Hunt, and that spanned two years. The pair later starred in a an ext emotional fact series, A&E"s Dog and also Beth: hit of your Lives, chronicling Beth"s cancer battle. She sadly passed away in 2019.

additionally in 2019, WGN America aired the spinoff collection Dog"s most Wanted. Beth Chapman"s fatality was spanned in the series and the finale included footage of she memorial service. Dog was set to return for more fugitive searching missions in the brand-new series Dog Unleashed, i beg your pardon was set to premiere ~ above the streaming company Unleashed this year. The present was axed before it could ever debut.

This week, Duane "Dog" Chapman has actually been acquiring a the majority of coverage in the press since of his active search for absent fugitive Brian Laundrie. The death of Laundrie"s fiance, Gabby Petito, has produced a most publicity, and it"s famed that the suspect has been reported absent and is considered to it is in on the run. Regardless of a massive manhunt v authorities in Florida and also the FBI, there"s still to be no word on Laundrie"s whereabouts.

Recently, Dog was tape-recorded on video clip knocking ~ above the door the the Laundrie family home. He didn"t get an answer, i beg your pardon was possibly no surprise, but he is relocating full vapor ahead top top his investigation. He has been posting to update on Twitter and has stated that he"s uncovered an area the he to trust Brian Laundrie was newly hiding. In one video, the spoke around the "active and particular search in a vital area based on the intelligence we are receiving and also researching. Boat crews and also ground teams have actually been referred to as in and also we have actually search and also rescue dogs deployed."

Meanwhile, former America"s most Wanted hold John Walsh has also been searching for Brian Laundrie. The profiled the situation on his own series, In pursuit with man Walsh, and also claims it resulted in thousands of tips comes in. Walsh is an in similar way very passionate about finding Laundrie, however it remains to be watched if any of the tips he"s obtained truly check out, together is the instance with Dog.

together Duane "Dog" Chapman continues his search, that is encouraging others with information to call in advice that might be helpful. Anonymous and confidential tips can be sent to Dog by call 833-TELL-DOG. It"s unsure if Chapman to plan on using any type of of this footage because that the reported collection he desires to pitch. This news comes to us indigenous Variety.

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