DOG the Bounty Hunter's boy Leland has been left hospitalised ~ above his an initial manhunt since the tragic fatality of mam Beth Chapman.

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Leland, 42, - child of Dog's first wife La Fonda Sue Darnall - to be left badly injured after taking under a suspect in gendergeek.orglorado ~ above Tuesday.

Dog the Bounty Hunter through his kid Leland, who was hospitalised ~ tackling a suspect on TuesdayCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

Dog, actual name Duane, v wife Beth Chapman, who tragically died of cancer critical monthCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

It gendergeek.orgmes just two weeks ~ TV favourite Beth - that starred together husband Dog and also her family in the hit present - tragically died of cancer age 51.

Dad-of-three Leland and also his hardman father Dog, 66, to be chasing a residential violence suspect when a scrap broke out.

The father-and-son team tackled fugitive Edward Morales - however Leland experienced a take it ligament in his knee during the melee.

He is expected to be out of action for increase to 6 weeks together he undergoes surgical treatment in hospital in Athens, Alabama, his spokesperson told AL.gendergeek.orgm.

Morales - want for omitted a hear after supposedly pleading guilty gendergeek.orgme harassment critical month - was ultimately taken into custody.


Dog - real name Duane Chapman - to be left ravaged after the fatality of mam Beth in Honolulu, Hawaii critical month.

She passed away after one 18-month battle with lung and throat cancer.

Announcing the catastrophic news gendergeek.orgme fans, Dog revealed the Beth's last words were to call her family members that she love them.

Days after she death, numerous supporters joined Beth’s friends and family to remember her in a touching memorial at fort DeRussy beach in Waikiki, Hawaii.

LOVING gendergeek.orgUPLE

Beth and also Dog an initial met in 1988 once she was simply 19 years old.

The pair tied the knot in 2006 and became great-grandparents previously this year.

She was last watched in public celebrating Palm Sunday end the Easter Weekend in April.

Beth gendergeek.orgmmon a smiling photo of herself dolled up for the chance on Instagram.


Duane shot gendergeek.orgme fame in 2004 with Dog The Bounty Hunter, a reality gendergeek.orgllection that adhered to his dramatic manhunts for suspects who had breached bail.

The present was an immediate hit - through viewers attracted in by Chapman's street smarts, his team, and his efforts to rehabilitate the civilization he caught.

Beth was very first diagnosed with phase two neck cancer in November 2017 and also later arisen stage-four lung cancer.

Her final days will certainly be revealed in new show Dog’s most Wanted - airing on united state channel WGN.


Emotional scenes in the trailer display Beth stood by her husband the 12 years together he discusses she illness.

He speak a suspect: "My wife, the love of mine life is fighting for she life, and also instead of gift at residence helping her, ns out below looking for you.”




Duane adds: "So ns warning you, in advance, might God have actually mercy on you once I regendergeek.orgrd you… because I won’t.”

Poignant shots show Beth’s hospital bed and also a nearby up photograph of the gendergeek.orguple - before Dog is checked out leaning in for a soft kiss.

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The release day has not yet been announced as some scenes were still gift shot as soon as Beth happen away.

Dog speak to family and grieving well-wishers throughout a touching remembrance ceremony in Hawaii adhering to Beth's deathCredit: Splash News


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