After a strenuous fight with throat cancer, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife, Beth Chapman, is cancer-free.

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Duane “Dog” Chapman revealed the news on the pair’s A&E distinct “Dog and Beth: hit of your Lives,” i beg your pardon aired Monday.

“Hello. Attention. No cancer,” he speak the family as lock cheer and hug one another. “There is a God. This can be a miracle. This could be a healing.”

Beth Chapman, 50, was diagnosed with stage II neck cancer in august 2017 and underwent a 12-hour surgical treatment to eliminate a tumor from her neck in September.

In October, Dog claimed on his podcast that “on a 1 to 10 her pain is around a 9 for this reason … she’s no good.”

The Chapmans have actually a lot to be thankful because that this holiday season.

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