15 secrets From Dog The Bounty Hunter You had actually No Idea about The dark secrets of Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman proceeds to haunt the reality TV star, native his life behind bars to assorted lawsuits.

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gift a hard bounty hunter is absolutely not the stuff of fairy tales, however reality television viewers love the collection Dog the Bounty Hunter ~ above A&E, starring Duane "Dog" Chapman, a bounty hunter and man that kicked butt and took surname in front of the cameras every week. Chapman has actually a very deep closet that skeletons, though. Several of those tricks kept viewers watching week after week and many believed they added to the very nice one of a male who seemed an extremely complicated.

In the end, though, several of his darkest secrets created problems for the Chapmans when word acquired out. Few of those keys were so negative that as soon as they come out, they impacted the A&E tv show. Ultimately, among those secrets got the collection canceled in 2012 ~ eight seasons. A 2nd series Dog and Beth: on The Hunt began to waiting on CMT in 2013, however Dog"s dark secrets ongoing to haunt him: that present got the axe after simply two periods in 2015.

But Dog the Bounty Hunter still airs in syndication. Chapman still has a lot of fans, regardless of all the scandals and controversies that continue to follow him.

Here are 15 Dark tricks Behind Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Beth Chapman
It"s not simply Duane Chapman that has actually a little of a mouth and a temper ~ above him. His wife, Beth, has also spent some time defying the law.

On a household fishing trip in 2013 in Colorado, Beth reportedly acquired offended through a teenager control by in a vehicle and also yelled in ~ the driver, calling her a variety of expletives. Beth then referred to as 911 and also reported to police that the teen had actually a gun. The Chapmans left prior to the police arrived, though, and the teenager pressed charges versus Beth because that harassment.

In Colorado, it"s in reality illegal to usage "coarse language" against someone, therefore after Beth refused to present up for a summons, police approve a warrant for she arrest. However, she did later turn herself end to police.

Dog the Bounty Hunter
through Dog gift a bounty hunter, it"s most likely that he has actually a lengthy list that enemies: over there are most likely a lot of people who would wish for harm to pertained to him. So maybe it"s not a large surprise that he obtained a series of death threats in 2012.

Over the food of four days, someone sent out a series of emails the were clear in your meaning, as well as violently graphic, indicating that the sender want to slaughter and murder the Chapman family. The emails ongoing with dangers to rape Dog"s children.

The family members took the dangers seriously and the FBI opened up an investigation on your behalf. To this day, though, the FBI have actually not exit the surname of any kind of suspects or made any type of arrests in the matter.

Dog the Bounty Hunter
component of Dog"s job connected storming into places and also looking for human being who have bounties on their head. That method that violence is likely to occur, particularly when the place stormed into is a bar.

In 2011, Dog gained into a shouting enhance with a bar owner in Colorado once he gone into the facility looking for the owner"s father - a male who had actually jumped bail. Dog was just doing his job on camera, but his team started obtaining belligerent.

While Dog and also the owner started yelling at each other, one of Dog"s team members punched a bar patron in the face. Dog and also the owner took their fight outside, with Dog pulling the end his stun gun after the owner threw a tree at him.

12 aboriginal Americans deny Dog’s insurance claim of being component Native American

Dog the Bounty Hunter
One point that Dog seems an especially proud that his indigenous American heritage, miscellaneous he bring up every opportunity that that can. He cases that his mom was Cherokee and seems to identify strongly with indigenous American culture. He often wears feather in his hair and sports aboriginal American jewelry.

There are plenty of Native Americans, though, that deny the Dog"s mother was actually ever before a part of their ethnicity. They insurance claim that he just says that he"s native American together a means to market himself on TV.

There is also one insurance claim that argues that Dog"s mother was in reality a polish immigrant who came to the U.S. And became fascinated with aboriginal American society after befriending civilization on a reservation. The case is the she began telling others the she was a member that the Cherokee country after that.

Dog had a turbulent upbringing and his jail document shows it. After dropping the end of school at the age of 13, he joined a motorcycle gang and ended up obtaining arrested many times, normally for alleged armed robbery. He ongoing to delve into a life of crime, as soon as eventually, it recorded up come him: while waiting for a friend to finish a deal, that friend shot and also killed a man. Because Dog to be an accomplice, a court judge him of an initial degree murder.

Dog checked out jail at the Texas State Penitentiary to offer a five-year sentence. It to be there, though, that he began to turn his life around. He only finished up offer a year and also a fifty percent of his sentence. Just prior to his release, a judge said that he would make a an excellent bounty hunter.

10 Dog’s daughter died the night before his wedding to Beth

back Dog married and divorced many times, he seemed to have finally discovered his match with Beth Smith, who later ended up being his wife and co-star top top Dog the Bounty Hunter. The night before their wedding, though, brought tragic news. One of his daughters from a ahead marriage, 23-year-old Barbara Katie, was through a girlfriend in a steal SUV once it went turn off the road and also hit some trees.

Police think that drugs and alcohol could have caused the crash. The accident eliminated Barbara Katie, with Dog receiving the news just prior to his marital relationship ceremony to Beth. The wedding tho went on together planned, however Dog and Beth decided to rest the news to guests at the wedding reception, which lock agreed to usage to celebrate Barbara Katie"s life.

Anyone who watched Dog the Bounty Hunter gained used to seeing Dog put on armored vests and sporting a selection of weapons, consisting of his signature stun gun. Yet there"s one weapon that fans never saw Dog carry: a gun. There is a very valid reason for this.

Although most bounty hunters do have permits for guns, Dog go not have actually one due to the fact that he to be a judge felon. As U.S. Law dictates, a judge felon cannot legally purchase or very own a firearm. A judge felon can not even use for a patent for a firearm. Obviously, this didn"t protect against Dog from ending up being one the the many recognizable bounty hunters in history - conserve for probably Boba Fett. Fortunately, his team didn"t have actually this restriction and many lugged guns.

8 Beth"s plastic surgery?

gift on TV puts a lot of pressure on human being to watch a specific way. This is specifically true that women, who acquire brutally judged on TV through the 15 pounds the camera supposedly adds. Beth Chapman is no exception: she want to look far better for when she to be on-camera.

Her body adjusted a lot during the course of the series, and also eventually, word obtained out that she more than likely went under the knife on more than one occasion, including having a ship tuck that seemed obvious when comparing before and also after photos.

Beth never shown having surgery, however regardless, she underwent a drastic adjust in her look. Whatever the case, that change seemed to make her lot happier v herself, and also that"s all the really matters.

Dog had a strained partnership with many of his children, particularly his son Tucker. But after the audio of a phone call call between the two obtained leaked (presumably through Tucker himself), Dog uncovered himself in hot water with his show and career on the line.

Apparently, Dog didn"t favor Tucker"s girlfriend that is black: in the phone call call, Dog made number of racial slurs in referral to her, including using the "n" word. Although he later on apologized, his damaged reputation did no recover.

A&E made decision to pull Dog the Bounty Hunter turn off the wait temporarily. The display did return, yet the phone contact lingered in the network"s minds and also after other issues came up, it offered as the very first nail in the coffin for the series, which obtained officially canceled number of years later.

6 The 2011 lawsuit

In 2011, Hoang Minh Phung Nguyen filed suit versus Dog and also his team because that defamation.

In 2009, Dog asserted that Nguyen shot in ~ his crew if they were trying come arrest him because that skipping the end on a bail bond. The assistant ar attorney dropped all charges, though, as result of insufficient evidence and also conflicting statements from members of Dog"s team. Also, return Dog promised come hand over video evidence of the incident, he never did. That arrest shed Nguyen his job and reputation, in spite of the to reduce charges.

Nguyen additionally claimed in the lawsuit that what really taken place was not presented accurately on the illustration of the TV series. Although records for the case are currently closed, nothing was ever before made public about the final outcome.

Considering the multiple marriages and divorces, and all the debate surrounding his life, it"s most likely not a big stretch of the creative thinking to think the Dog isn"t the best parent of every time. His daughter Lyssa, though, created a book about it referred to as Walking top top Eggshells. In the pages, Lyssa made claims that she had a negative upbringing, many thanks to her alcoholic mom and also crack-addicted father.

I accused my dad of raping me when I to be 11," she wrote. "I had actually been molested through a girlfriend of his. It to be a terrible life that I never ever wanted come go earlier to, living with him and also Beth and also the fighting and the drugs. When I acquired to my mother’s, although she drank, it was much much more peaceful. I was in school, I had friends, ns was ready to carry out anything to no go back.

4 Bobby Brown sue the display for not obtaining paid what he was promised

It seems that lawsuits weren"t one uncommon point for Dog the Bounty Hunter and also the A&E Network. In 2011, bail bondsman Bobby Brown sued the collection for not gaining paid what he claims the network and also production firm initially promised him. He appeared in plenty of episodes the the series, but never got compensation as a full actors member, other he asserted that he to be promised.

Although the series made over $400 million in its first seven seasons, though, Brown claimed that his pay for that total time was only $6,000. Brown asserted that he was the person responsible for making many of Dog"s arrests possible, working at the very least 50 hours for every episode. There is quiet no official word on just how that lawsuit turned out.

One could think that the bounty hunter title comes with at the very least the privilege of nobody wanting to mess through you. Yet that didn"t avoid criminals indigenous breaking right into a posh hotel suite in Los Angeles where Dog and also Beth were staying and robbing them blind.

Earlier this year, the pair reportedly went back to their hotel room to discover that over there was much more than $5,000 in cash missing from their safe. Police did no find any kind of sign of required entry and nothing else to be taken, including expensive jewelry and luggage that was lie about.

Investigators believe that due to the fact that of these details, it was more than likely an within job. Every little thing the case, it doesn"t seem favor the investigation ever turned up any suspects.

2 Dog got custody of his nephew after abuse allegations versus the child"s father

Not just did Dog lose his daughter, Barbara Katie, in a horrible automobile accident the night before he married Beth, however he later learned that it was feasible that the father of Barbara"s son, Travis, was beating the child.

Reports the abuse began after taped proof proved that the child"s father to be abusing him. A neighbor make the tape and also called police about the abuse. Police removed the boy from his home and also handed him end to his grandfather, Dog, because that custody. Apparently, the allegations make by Lyssa in her book did no come into play in the judge"s decision.

"To listen the audiotape of mine grandson being abused was torture," Chapman said press prior to commenting that he called his son-in-law to get assist for his anger problems.

Dog acquired a 2nd life on TV, many thanks to CMT and also a new show called Dog and Beth: on The Hunt. But that show only lasted a couple of seasons.

Sure, there was speculation the all the controversies bordering Dog and also his family"s life finally captured up with him, but the truth is that the show probably acquired canned since laws concerning the bails bonds system started to change.

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These transforms to regulations will at some point make bounty hunters a point of the past, an interpretation that men like Dog will finish up unemployed. And also if Dog is no much longer a bounty hunter, TV networks are no much longer interested in his life. Return Dog maintains a existence in fighting versus bail reform, it"s just a matter of time before those reforms take place.


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