In this fact series, a flamboyant bounty hunter leader a group of gung-ho fugitive hunters who are tasked through tracking down accused criminals who have jumped bail. The collection is frequently as much around the drama neighboring Dog"s business as the is around the possibly dangerous task that the does.

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Dog"s target for this day was as soon as an upstanding member that his community. This middle-aged exile indigenous middle-class culture is using the cold end of an ice cream pipe to soothe his troubled soul.

A fugitive"s sketchy associates and also footloose methods spell trouble for Dog in today"s hunt. Once the leads prosper cold, it"s the united state Postal organization to the rescue as a mail carrier lends a helping hand.

This case involves a jogger whose close-knit kinfolk host the tricks to bringing the in. Dog"s arrangement is come convince household that everyone is ideal served if the fugitive mans-up and takes treatment of business.
Today the cameras room turned around, together we get a tourism of life "behind the scenes" top top Dog the Bounty Hunter with interviews with Dog and also the posse, the TV crew, and also never prior to seen footage.
Dog and company head come the big Island in quest of 2 courthouse no-shows just to uncover that among them appears to be posting condition updates from southern California.
When an alleged abuser go on the lame, Dog gathers the team to lug him in. Together the leader grow cooler Dog"s determination only grows stronger.
When Dog and Beth decide to drive in the same SUV as they pursue a operation away fugitive, will their different approaches come the examination lead to a capture and romance?
With Duane Lee back, the rift in the Chapman clan shows up over. Together the household heads out for the seedier side of Honolulu in search of an erotic dancer, we will find out if the wound is important healed.
In a critical attempt to bring the team earlier together, Dog recruits his minister to it is in the peacemaker. Together Dog starts his hunt because that a young guy who has actually trouble getting here at court, Tim has actually his own mission.
Dog"s target top top today"s hunt is the cousin that Kali, Garry Boy"s caregiver. She has a reputation together a brawler. Baby Lyssa decides she will step up in this hunt.
Cecily has actually graduated indigenous High School, and also Dog believes the time is best to show her what the family service is every about.
Dog has actually dropped Duane Lee indigenous the team. As soon as Leland confronts Dog and Beth about the decision, tempers flare.
The family members comes with each other as they set out to hunt a chronic violator v an open up warrant and a mam who has actually an odd inquiry for Dog.
Dog is in Colorado help a other bondsmen clean up his files. The target today has actually a history of violence, and apparently plans to re-locate there is no notifying the suitable authorities.
Two different young men; one has a taste because that larceny, the other for solid spirits, both have actually a poor bad habit of absent their court dates. And both are a small too bound to your mothers.
The tenderfoot Alysin has actually a lot to learn. She not just bailed out a man dealing with charges the theft on just his promise to salary the fee but additionally without a co-signer because that his bond.
"The apple doesn"t loss far from the tree," and also this is a hunt wherein that is true. So will Dog have the ability to use one family member"s troubled ways to catch an additional in trouble with the law?
To his classic bounty searching tools that confidential informants, canvassing, and silver-tongued subterfuge the world"s biggest bounty hunter has included Facebook.
A fugitive v a lengthy criminal record has fled to Hawaii, and also the bondsman ~ above the mainland has asked Dog and the Posse for help.
Lyssa Chapman wakes increase in a jail cell through no idea how she acquired there, yet she procedures up and also befriends a woman that is waging a very an individual battle versus drug addiction.
Today"s fugitive is accused that assaulting a police officer, therefore Dog and also the team room not taking any chances.
Leland needs to attend a Lamaze class before he can join the hunt, however when Dog walk after this accused jewel thief without his more quickly son, he learns the this fugitive put the "R" in runner.

In this truth series, a flamboyant bounty hunter leader a team of gung-ho fugitive hunters who space tasked v tracking down accused criminal who have actually jumped bail. The collection is frequently as much around the drama bordering Dog"s company as it is around the possibly dangerous project that he does.

Dog The Bounty Hunter is a collection that is right now running and also has 9 seasons (241 episodes). The series first aired ~ above December 2, 1970.

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Where to clock Dog The Bounty Hunter

Dog The Bounty Hunter is accessible for streaming top top the A&E website, both separation, personal, instance episodes and also full seasons. Girlfriend can additionally watch Dog The Bounty Hunter on demand at apologize TV+, Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Hulu, The Roku Channel Free, Hoopla, apologize TV and A&E.