The couple's marital relationship comes two years after the fatality of Chapman's late wife, Beth Chapman.

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Duane "Dog" Chapman has tied the knot v his fiancée, Francie Frane.

A rep for the "Dog the Bounty Hunter" star, 68, confirmed the couple"s nuptials Friday in a statement come "Dog and also Francie to be married critical evening in Colorado Springs in one emotional and also intimate ceremony through a little gathering of close friends and family," the statement said.

The statement likewise included a message from Chapman come fans. "We appreciate the support and also well wishes as we begin our life together," stated the reality TV star.

The marital relationship comes much more than 2 years after the lose of Chapman"s late wife and also television co-star, Beth Chapman, who died in June 2019 at age 51.

The newlyweds" walk under the aisle was no without family drama. Since of tensions between Duane Chapman and also his daughter Bonnie Chapman, the couple chose no to invite her to their wedding.

Chapman met his bride-to-be around six months after his so late wife"s fatality when the left a blog post for Frane"s late husband, Bob, questioning him to aid with home improvements, unaware that Bob had actually died.

Frane called Chapman ago and the two talked around the reality that they had both experienced the ns of a partner.

They got involved in might 2020.

In September 2020, Chapman and also Frane opened up about their relationship to "Entertainment Tonight." The couple"s first date, lock revealed, was at a church business where they finished up holding hands.

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The pair have also talked candidly around how they aided each other grieve their previous spouses.

"We might cry with each other and talk around what we were feeling," Frane told "Entertainment Tonight." "We to be able come walk alongside each various other through the pain and heartbreak and it lugged us together in this remarkable way."

She later added, "We didn’t mean (this.) My boy thought ns was walk to run off and be a missionary in Africa just not to deal with life without Bob anymore. Neither one of us to be expecting what happened, but God carried us together and also how it dropped into location was a miracle."

Chapman has also wondered if his late wife sent out Frane to aid heal his heart. "I say all the time, "Beth, i’m glad you provided me through Francie due to the fact that that no on mine list,"" that said.

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