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Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman and also Francie Frane space married, ET have the right to confirm. The couple tied the node on Thursday in Colorado.

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Dogwas formerly married to Beth Chapman for 13 years, up until her fatality due come cancer in June 2019. Meanwhile, Francie also lost her husband, Bob, who passed away of cancer simply six months before Beth. The twobonded over their tragic losses, and also although 68-year-old Dogpreviously said ET ago in September 2019 the he would never ever marry again and that Beth provided to joke she would certainly haunt him if another woman ever before took she place, that proposed to Francie in might 2020.

ET"s Kevin Frazier spoke to the couple on Tuesday ahead of their large day, and also Francie said they would be composing their very own vows and honoring your late spouses.

"We have actually been doing the all along," she said. "We have done that privately, and also in our vows, we will certainly be honoring them. Us honor them every one of the time. And also so us will proceed to carry out that throughout your lives. Throughout our life together, we will proceed to perform that. They will certainly be a component of that always."

Francie also teased she show-stopping wedding dress.

"It has much more bling ~ above it than I ever before thought I would certainly wear," she shared. "It is really heavy."

As for their wedding cake, Francie saidthat the 2 each picked out their very own flavors and also that they absolutely don"t have actually the same tastes.

"So, he choose one part and i picked the other and also we have actually several tiers that the cake and I don"t favor his part and the doesn"t favor mine," she revealed v a laugh. "The reception is walk to it is in a fun party and also right after ~ the wedding, the is every in one place. And we are going to it is in dancing and also having a blast with all of our friends and our family and everybody that desires to share every one of this v us."

Dogcracked, "This is walk to it is in the celebrity wedding that 2021, scootover Blake Shelton."

There was, however, controversyleading approximately the wedding. Dogand Francie explained why lock didn"t invite his 22-year-old daughter, Bonnie, come the nuptials. Bonnieclaimed thatshe didn"t gain an invite to she dad"s huge day because she"sa support of the black Lives matter movement.Shealso alleged thathe"s racialism andhomophobic. Duane insisted come ET that he"s never ever been a racist and also is not homophobic, andsaid Bonnie was being "brainwashed."

"She"s been fed what to say," the saidof Bonnie"s accusations. "I have three men on my staff that space gay.My daughter is gay, baby Lyssa. I don"t understand why anybody would ever before say that."

"Would I dice for a gay guy or a black color man?I would certainly lay down my life," he likewise said.

In response, Bonnie told ET in an exclude, statement, "As much as the idea that I"m gift brainwashed, this is the dumbest point my father has ever said. I didn"t think he would certainly go this far to discredit me so much as to say ns was brainwashed. I am concerned around him. He has started to believe crazy conspiracy theories. The only credibility mine dad needs to speak around brainwashing is probably as a victim."

Bonniealso referred to as ET"s Kevin Frazier, who performed the interview v Dog,to apologize for her father"s comments throughout theinterview. She claimed she to be "disturbed" by what he had to say.

Meanwhile, Francie common of no inviting Bonnie to the wedding, "As hard as that is and as heartbreaking as it is, we had actually to make a decision that was very an overwhelming for us. We"ve been with hell --him and I -- in the previous three years. ... And also I am no going to permit our day come be damaged by this nonsense."

When ET speak to the pair last September,they shared theirlove story. Francie, a former rancher and also hunter, claimed she hadn’t heard that Dog the Bounty Hunter, until a friend stated Duane had actually lost his wife and that the two have to meet. The was 2 days after Beth passed away and also Francie dubbed her girlfriend "nuts"after she make the suggestion. Six months later, Duane, maybe needing an excavator, referred to as Bob"s phone not knowing he had died. Francie heard the voicemail and also called back, at first unaware she was talking to the tv star till he discussed he to be Dog the Bounty Hunter. That was throughout that contact the two realized they to be both grieving their partners.

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Duane eventually asked she out and also she replied, "Yeah, if you walk to church." when she originally brushedoff Duane"s advances, the emotional, tear-filled church business culminated in the 2 holding hands and also Duane declaring, "Gotcha!"

Duane called ET that there "couldn"t have been a better pick that God picked"for him and that the "knew appropriate away this was love."

Francie added, "We understood the pain that the various other one was feeling and those hard days and also moments, we helped each other stand up. We could cry v each other and talk about what we were feeling. We were able to walk together each other through the pain and heartbreak and also it brought us with each other in this impressive way."

The couple said they would proceed to salary tribute come Beth and also Bob, keeping crucial traditions they common with them alive and also honoring their fatality dates.

"We respect those dates and we don"t feeling guilty, yet it"s kind of strange," Duane said. "But we"re in love and also I say every the time, "Beth, I"m happy you provided me v Francie since that wasn"t on my list.""


Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman and Francie Frane top top Their unexpected Love Story (Exclusive)