REALITY star Duane “Dog” Chapman is making his return to TV v a brand new show.

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The 67-year-old dad of 12 revealed he’s working on his following Dog the Bounty Hunter spinoff series, and also “all” of his family is coming earlier for it.


Dog the Bounty Hunter has a brand-new show in the works through his familyCredit: Instagram

While top top the always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer podcast ~ above Tuesday, Dog revealed he’s tough at work-related on anew reality show, dubbed Dog’s Dirty Dozen, concentrated on family and bounty-hunting.

His WGN spinoff series Dog's most Wanted critical aired in November 2019, but the network has no plans to air this new program as it’s convert to a prime-time three-hour nationwide news present come September 1.

On the podcast, Dog, whose mam Beth passed away last year indigenous cancer, revealed: “The last network to be Dog’s many Wanted through WGN. We broke all records. Ns not just saying, ‘Dog! Dog!’ no me, the family.

“It was around Beth and also her last days. Now, we have actually the show. We’re all earlier together.


His wife Beth pass away throughout the filming for his last fact series, Dog's most WantedCredit: Getty images - Getty

He's now involved to girlfriend Francie FraneCredit: Duane Chapman

“Because when a tragedy choose that happens in your family, friend gotta traction together. So, it’s dubbed Dog’s Dirty Dozen.”

He continued: “We deserve to barely carry out arrests v the virus best now, for this reason Hollywood’s shut down.

“Once it opens up, we’re coming back.”

The TV personality hinted the this will certainly be the “last” time his entirety family will all obtain together to movie a fact show, however that that really simply wanted come “do one more.”


Dog stated in a recent podcast interview that 'all' that his family will it is in filming this brand-new showCredit: Getty Images

How many children does Dog the Bounty Hunter have and also what room their names?

DOG The Bounty Hunter has actually fathered a bountiful brood.

The fact television star has been married 5 times and also is a dad to 12 children.

His first child, Christopher Michael Hecht, was born after ~ Duane's teenage connection with a woman called Debbie White.

The reality television star has two young - Duane Lee Chapman, II (born January 21, 1973) and also Leland Blane Chapman (born December 14, 1976) — with his first ex-wife, La Fonda Sue Darnell.

Both Duane Jr and also Leland room bail bondsmen and also appeared on his A&E Network truth show.

With 2nd ex-wife Ann Tegnell, Dog welcomed three children.

Zebadiah Chapman to be born top top January 1st 1980 and also tragically died 30 days later on January 31st.

They go on to welcome two more sons - Wesley Chapman ~ above November 14, 1980, and James Robert Chapman on march 2, 1982.

With third ex-wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain (née Greene), he welcomed his very first daughter - Barbara Katie Chapman, on June 8, 1982. She passed away on may 19, 2006 from a vehicle crash.

Dog welcomed two more children with late mam Beth.

They shared Bonnie yone Chapman, that was born December 16, 1998 and Garry Chapman, that was born ~ above February 7, 2001.

They share two more children, boy Tucker Dee Chapman (born September 8, 1983), and Lyssa Rae Chapman (born June 10, 1987).

Dog additionally became the adopted father of Cecily Barmore-Chapman (born June 19, 1993), whom was Beth's daughter by her ex-husband.

His A&E collection Dog the Bounty Hunter premiered in 2004 prior to getting canceled in 2012.

Its an initial spinoff, Dog and also Beth: top top the Hunt, ran on CMT native 2013 come 2015 and also followed Duane, his late wife Beth, their child Leland, and Leland's son Dakota as they helped catch criminals.

A&E’s film, Dog and Beth: struggle of their Lives, aired in 2017 and also profiled the Chapman family patriarch and also his wife as she fought throat cancer.

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His original program aired ~ above A&ECredit: A&E
Dog hasn't revealed whereby this new spinoff will air, yet he walk share the it's dubbed Dog's Dirty DozenCredit: Instagram

Last year, Dog’s many Wanted, during the filming for which Beth happen away, aired season 1 ~ above WGN America.