One that Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughters has dismissed his high-profile quest of Brian Laundrie together a “publicity stunt.”

“He demands to back off and let the FBI manage it,” Cecily Chapman, 28, told the sunlight of she estranged 68-year-old dad, Duane Chapman.

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“It’s just a public stunt. That’s really what that is,” she stated of Dog, who embraced her after ~ marrying she mom, Beth, who died in 2019.

She questioned just how Dog was financing his hunt for Gabby Petito’s fugitive boyfriend — when noting the he has actually reportedly to be shopping a potential brand-new reality TV show.

“A real network would be mindful of the situation and also I’m pretty sure everyone knows that this is a f—ing publicity stunt,” she insisted that the one-time fact star, whose last planned present was scrapped.

Cecily insisted the footage that Dog wading in swamp water “looks completely staged,” and laughed off his claims of do breakthroughs in the case.

Dog the Bounty Hunter joined the search for Brian Laundrie ~ above September 25, 2021.William Farrington
Fort De Soto Park camping area, whereby Dog the Bounty Hunter cases that Brian Laundrie to be last seen through his / SplashNews
Cecily insisted the footage of Dog wading in swamp water “looks completely staged.”Duane Dog Chapman/Instagram

“What, you uncovered a Monster energy can? What walk that do for anyone?” she asked of the north container that Dog confirmed off as proof of a feasible campsite in Florida’s fort De Soto Park, wherein Laundrie went through his parental after returning from his cross-country pilgrimage without Petito.

Cecily questioned how Chapman was capital his hunt, and also dismissed the opportunities of him finding the fugitive before law enforcement.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s estranged daughter Cecily Chapman (right) cases the whole search is a publicity stunt. Instagram

“To be completely honest with you, the FBI is never ever going come let Dog the Bounty Hunter capture Brian still — the FBI is way too prideful for that,” she insisted.

Cecily and her 22-year-old sister, Bonnie, room estranged native newlywed Dog after coming to be his many outspoken critics.

Bonnie has accused the truth hunter that racism and homophobia as well as cheating on her late mom.

Dog previously told web page Six, “Sadly, Bonnie and also Cecily have been to work by disgruntled previous associates v multiple felonies who desire revenge at any type of cost and also are attempting to tarnish mine reputation.”

One daughter, Lyssa, 34, is quiet by his side and has been energetic in the search for Laundrie.

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On Tuesday, she said they had actually “a ton of information we are sorting thru.”

“Due to all the media coverage, us have had actually to let things cool down and enable the genuine leads come ago in. Tips are when again becoming much more streamlined and verifiable,” she tweeted.

Brian Laundrie is the topic of a massive FBI-led manhunt after disappearing ~ above September 14, 2021.Instagram