He can be an certified dealer of the law, but Dog the Bounty Hunter overstepped his jurisdiction and also faced a prison sentence in Mexico.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter v a sunset behind him - Duane Chapman Dog the Bounty Hunter in jail in Mexico
Sure, Dog"s top top the right side that the law these days, happen in criminals and also standing up for what"s right. But it wasn"t always that way. His first brush v fame began a lengthy time ago, southern of the united state border.

together if Duane Chapman"s life wasn"t interesting enough, the man actually has a near-miss on his record after a run-in with Mexican authorities.

Dog makes his money today with truth shows, bounty hunter work, and some other miscellaneous sources. But earlier before his large break, Dog to be on a shoestring budget and also needed some cash.

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The thing is, Dog was additionally a convict, which preserved him native getting more "respectable" jobs. Yes, Duane was convicted that first-degree murder as he to be the getaway auto when a friend of his killed someone in a robbery unable to do wrong.

through 1979, though, Dog was the end of jail and also working towards a better life. Plus, tackling an inmate who attempted to escape would give him the inspiration for his future career.

together Chapman recounted in one interview, Fox News notes, the guard that congratulated him on a an excellent tackle accurate said, "Hook him up, bounty hunter." however that was before Chapman landed in a mexico jail for breaking the legislation in that country, too.

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The method Dog tells it, he to be arrested in Mexico because that being too great at his job. Basically, the legislations in Mexico say the bail bondsmen can"t track human being down or hold them against their will.

after apprehending fugitive Andrew Luster, that was wanted in the united state for 86 counts of crimes against women, Dog, his son, and also a girlfriend of theirs to be pulled over by mexico police. All four of them went to jail, however Mexico extradited Luster to the us to face trial.

The story goes that the trio was initially denied bail, however once Beth Chapman alerted the media in the joined States, the three were climate able to walk home. However, the adventure wasn"t over yet.

The Chapmans had gone back to their house in Hawaii (Dog"s partner was likewise named Chapman, yet no relation), yet Mexican authorities preserved that the three didn"t have permission to leave the nation while ~ above bail. Right before the state of restrictions would have run out on the case, the three were arrested a second time.

Luckily because that the would-be jailbirds, an proof from us lawmakers, including 29 Republican congressmen, to add a Hawaiian state resolution (the Chapmans to be arrested in Honolulu the second time), caused the court dragging the end Dog"s case.

Tedious debates over the nature of the dues (whether felony or misdemeanor) likewise took up part court hours. Ultimately, Monsters and also Critics noted, the situation was dismissed through the mexican courts because the statute of restrictions expired top top the arrest order.

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