Duane Chapman the "Dog the Bounty Hunter" call is quite familiar with being in the general public eye. His show spanned eight year on A&E, then spurred multiple spinoffs. Yet after the pass of his wife Beth as result of cancer in early 2020, Dog"s kind of been on a bottom spiral.

First, he had actually an figure on Dr. Phil, wherein he proposed come his then-girlfriend, a household friend. His household didn"t approve, and plenty that tabloids reported on Dog"s relocating on too quick post-Beth. That connection ended, however, and Dog go on to start dating Francie Frane, that he"s now engaged to.

and also yet, things aren"t quite looking up because that Dog. His career appears to be tanking, and his finances aren"t precisely in order.

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In fact, exactly how much he provides in real life could be surprising, particularly given Dog and Beth"s possession of a multi-million-dollar home in Hawaii.

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The truth is, Dog and his late mam Beth didn"t actually very own their Hawaiian oasis. The Sun reported the Duane and Beth agreed come buy the house in 2015 from a pair named Karen and Craig Mills. So rather of a typical mortgage, via a bank, the Chapmans were reportedly paying the Mills directly.

The gate of Dog the Bounty Hunter
by 2018, lock owed end $109K in "unpaid monthly payments, and reimbursements because that utilities, real property taxes and also insurance premiums," declared the court records the Mills filed against Dog.

The pair even asked that the Chapmans vacate the Portlock Property, as The Sun phone call it, however they refused. As of 2019, the instance was quiet open, v Beth"s passing involving some additional court paperwork.

Yet, together he told ET in one interview that now makes the ring on YouTube, Dog plan to sell the Hawaii home since it to be "Beth"s" place. She didn"t happen there, he noted, however it felt morbid to keep the residence she had lived in.

That might not be possible unless the home fetches a much higher price 보다 what Dog owes, however. The agreed-upon price of the home is stated to more than $2M, says The Sun. Which makes sense, as the home is vast and takes up prime genuine estate in Oahu.

Exterior of Dog the Bounty Hunter
though his network worth was proclaimed as $6 million previously this year, Duane Chapman now insurance claims he"s broke, confirmed The Sun. In fact, that even declared to be in danger of shedding his Colorado home, i beg your pardon is his major residence.

Hopefully, Dog gets things ago on monitor so that his finances space solid. Otherwise, he could wind increase bankrupt prefer so plenty of other previous TV stars.

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