Dog the Bounty Hunter selling Beth Chapman's residence in Hawaii following she Passing Dog’s many Wanted star, Duane "Dog" Chapman, says that the plans to offer the house he shared with his so late wife, Beth Chapman, in Hawaii.

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Duane Dog Chapman and Beth Chapman
Dog’s many Wanted star, Duane "Dog" Chapman, claimed that that plans to offer the home he common with his late wife, Beth Chapman, in Hawaii. He insurance claims it"s too challenging for that to stay there with every one of her belongings that have actually stayed untouched because she has passed away.

Beth passed away at the age of 51, after ~ fighting a long and also painful fight with stage 4 throat cancer. She was in and also out of the hospital and also had undergone aggressive chemotherapy after her cancer reverted in November 2018. The couple was set to hold a brand-new series, Dog"s most Wanted because that WGN America, in i beg your pardon a portion of the display would attribute her cancer struggle. After being hospitalized for challenge breathing top top Saturday, June 22, she was then placed in a medically-induced coma by medical professionals for her own safety after ~ experiencing severe pains from absence of oxygen. After work in a coma, Beth passed far at 5:32 am on June 26th in Hawaii. Dog has actually been mourning the ns of his wife and also is so clearly shaken up by the changes, the he desires to offer their residence in Hawaii.

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Dog newly opened up to ET about the struggle of losing his lovely wife and also how he"s controlling to relocate forward and keep living. The interviewer asked if Dog would certainly be marketing the couple"s residence in Hawaii wherein they to be living right prior to Beth happen away. Dog answered, "Yes." The interviewer climate asked if he will be staying in Hawaii, in which the answered that he will due to the fact that he has "too plenty of brothers and also sisters there." It appears that no matter just how much family members is there, Dog cannot stay in that house. That reiterated, "I need to sell the house." As he searches for the reasoning behind it, he describes that back the home doesn"t have actually a "morbid" feel come it because "she didn"t happen there," it"s still her house and it brings back too numerous memories.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Beth Chapman
The bounty hunter explains that she was the owner the the home in Hawaii and also that his residence was "the Denver place." Dog describes that the entirety house was hers, as well as "everything there - the toothbrush is still ." Dog and Beth had actually two children together - Bonnie Chapman and Gary Chapman - and they have yet come touch noþeles in Hawaii house in the months because her passing. They have actually tried come pack, however, yet Dog defines that castle don"t want to touch anything unless their dad is present. He stated that they have actually so far kept "everything choose she had it." He describes that he still needs to go in and also clean every little thing out prior to putting the home up because that sale, but when request if he to be ready, Dog replied a simple, "No." The bounty hunter gets emotionally explaining to the interviewer the he had actually gone to their residence in Denver - into their closet - and "It smelled prefer her." He goes to describe that he refuses to touch the items they mutual together in their Denver home, saying the the following woman who might be in his life will have to resolve that.

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Heartbroken Dog has actually been going v a horrible few months through the passing of his lover wife, their Dog the Bounty Hunter store getting robbed, and also now the emotional strain of pack up and also selling her Hawaiian home. Even though he"s moving on slowly, his love for Beth only gets stronger. Fans have the right to watch Beth"s critical time filming because that a TV present on Dog"s most Wanted on WGN America, whereby viewers can obtain an within look right into Beth and also Dog"s an individual life as Beth battles with cancer, no to point out watching lock catch negative guys and also make the civilization a safer ar for others. The series premiered September 4th.