In the previous two decades, Duane Chapman attained TV stardom and also a sizeable fandom through his Dog the Bounty Hunter persona, but the truth star and former bondsman has had actually it unstable in the past couple of years. The fatality of his mam Beth Chapman in 2019 threw his entire an individual life upside-down, and inevitably stalled forward activity for the then-new series Dog"s most Wanted. If he"s found brand-new love to store that component of his life content, Chapman is encountering some major financial troubles many thanks to a long-unpaid lawsuit.

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New paperwork to be filed in Hawaii, among the states where Duane Chapman has a home, by a lawyer seek restitution come the song of more than $880,000 for unpaid legal fees dating ago to 2013, according to TMZ. Those unpaid fees were themselves associated to one arrest do ten year prior.

Here"s the backstory. In 2003, Duane Chapman to be in complete Dog the Bounty Hunter setting in his pursuit to track down the high-profile fugitive Andrew Luster, who"d post a $1 million bail over charges that drugging and also raping three various women. Unfortunately, Chapman recorded Luster in Mexico, where bounty hunting is illegal. The then-burgeoning TV personality was afterwards arrested for felony kidnapping in Puerto Valley, though the dues were later dropped in 2007. Things took a different turn when Chapman increased a fuss over the fees the was meant to pay his lawyer, and also then just never paid him. Not just that, however Chapman then sued his very own lawyer end the payment issue, and that lawyer responded v his very own lawsuit.

Cut to 2013, once the judgment came under that Dog the Bounty Hunter was responsible for paying the $880,000 fee, i beg your pardon hasn"t occurred yet. And also it"s partly since that judgment was do in California the the brand-new paperwork was filed especially in Hawaii where it will presumably be simpler to make direct contact with Duane Chapman. And also with interest, the full payment he now owes is $880,916.

Considering Dog the Bounty Hunter has talked in current years about not specifically having a ton that money to his name, that doesn"t take it a hefty imagination to consider why he can have been staying clear of that payment in all these years. Things might have to be slightly more positive for Duane Chapman had actually the new streaming job Dog Unleashed involved life, however initially promising situation went haywire after ~ the production firm Unleashed Entertainment traction the plug because that breach of contract. The agency then chastised Chapman because that his subsequent social media outbursts and also filed a lawsuit versus the company CBD global Sciences, which was supposedly partnered through the reality star in creating a Dog-branded line of products.

It"s unclear exactly how that sue will turn out, just as it"s still not entirely apparent how the abovementioned eight-year-old judgment will go, despite it will most likely be more daunting for Duane Chapman to evade this legal concern without enough resources to pay for a great defense.

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