Dog the Bounty Hunter do a severe impression top top the people of television once his self-titled reality present debuted ~ above A&E back in 2012. If viewers concerned know the male himself, they additionally became acquainted with his household over those eight seasons. One of the most influential members that the brood to be his previous wife, Beth Chapman, who sadly passed away in 2019. Due to the fact that her passing, Dog has actually occasionally taken time come reflect top top his so late spouse, and also he newly paid tribute to her on her birthday.

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The late tv personality would have actually turned 54 at the end of October, a milestone that her husband commemorated on social media. Duane “Dog” Chapman required to Instagram come post picture of his so late wife in addition to a sentimental caption:

I miss Beth and celebrate her this particular day on her birthday and also know she"s v Jesus keeping an eye on us from above. Happy Birthday, Beth. We love you!

The article was a short but sweet means for the former bail bondsman to respect his late partner. Fans also flooded the comment to share their very own memories of the town hall the celebrity couple’s TV exploits over the years. Girlfriend can examine out the full Instagram post down below:

Following the cancellation of Dog the Bounty Hunter in 2012, Beth Chapman starred alongside she husband in the spinoff Dog and also Beth: ~ above the Hunt, i m sorry ran for three periods on CMT from 2013 to 2015. Chapman was originally diagnosed with phase II neck cancer in 2017, i beg your pardon eventually went into remission though, sadly, the cancer resurfaced and spread to her lungs. Chapman’s fight with the disease was chronicled in the two-hour unique Dog and also Beth: struggle of your Lives.

While working on CMT’s Dog’s most Wanted, the mommy of 4 was hospitalized and placed right into a median induced coma. Shortly after it was evidenced that she would certainly not recover, she sadly passed away at the period of 51 on June 26, 2019.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has because been candid about moving forward adhering to the ns of his 5th spouse. A couple of months after her death, Dog admitted the things had been rough and also that he’d even uncovered it difficult to smile. He additionally found it difficult to clock his mam posthumously on their final reality TV venture. Together time go on, however, that still controlled to discover other ways to honor her memory.

Though he at first seemed skeptical to start a brand-new relationship, Duane Chapman ultimately proposed to Moon Angell ~ above TV in at an early stage 2020 and also began plan a enormous wedding. However, the two eventually damaged things off, and also Chapman later came to be engaged come Francie Frane, that he married this past September. While the media mogul has discovered love again, it’s tho sweet to watch that he carries a torch because that the woman who stood by him both on and off camera.

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