The following article includes mentions the drug and substance use that some readers may find triggering.

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There"s no doubt the Dog the Bounty Hunter has led an nearly insurmountably daunting life. In enhancement to his hardscrabble task of chasing after criminal on the run, Duane "Dog" Chapman has actually been open around his traumatic childhood and his later years, which witnessed him convicted of killing at 23, as per the Toronto Star, because that being present when a friend shot and killed a drug dealer. ~ his mother"s fatality in 1995, that "spent a year smoking crack," as per The new York Times. Dog has additionally dealt with additional losses, consisting of several of his children and also his wife, Beth Chapman, who died of neck cancer in June 2019.

Since then, however, Dog has seemed happier than ever — though plainly still dealing with the painful loss of Beth — particularly since he found love through his new fiancee, Francie Frane. In fact, that is his partnership with Frane that has made him effort to absent his smoking problem, something the he said Dr. Oz in February 2021 the he struggles with — but is obtaining better.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter"s fiancee, Francie Frane, has actually been a positive light in the fact star"s life, including helping him acquire on the best track for his health.

In November 2020, as per People, she called Dr. Oz that her "tactic" to get Dog come quit cigarette smoking "is love and also encouragement. ... It"s reverse psychology, maybe, and also loving him the end of cigarettes."

Dog walk on The Dr. Oz Show, follow to the Daily Mail, after having a pulmonary embolism in September 2020. And since then, he has actually been working on quitting smoking cigarettes for good.

In a February 2021 illustration of the show, Dog revealed just how much he is smoking cigarettes per job — and how he"s establish what his best triggers are.

"Well, I"m still smoking cigarettes the first time in my totality life, around 5-6 a day. I"m examining this, over there are specific things that collection me off to smoke. Because that instance, after ns eat, or in the morning when I drink coffee, I"m at that allude now, but I have actually never, Doc, since I to be 12 had actually only 4 or five cigarettes a day," he explained, per a push release. "I"m almost totally there and believe this or not, and also I love you, but it"s not why I"m saying it. Ns don"t desire to disappoint you and I don"t want to disappoint my Francie. That best there will overcome anything. I"m using all those antidotes to be able to say, "Yeah, I"m smoke-free, ns quit smoking.""

We definitely wish Dog every the best on his smoke-free journey.

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