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Bonnie Chapman is leveling significant claims versus her father, Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman. The 22-year-old daughter that Dog and also late wife Beth Chapman shared a lengthy post to facebook on Tuesday, explain she wasn"t invite to his upcoming wedding because of her work-related with society justice groups and support that Black resides Matter, amongst other alleged reasons.

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Bonnie and also her 28-year-old half-sister, Cecily, very first revealed that they"d not been invite to Dog"s upcoming wedding come Francie Frane in an interview v TMZ published on Sunday. Bonnie asserted in her post on Tuesday that Francie had actually texted her and "confirmed that the factor I wasn’t invited" was since of her occupational on the UnleashedTV series The System, a docuseries focused on social justice and also racial inequality in the legitimate system.

Bonnie also claimed that the feud stemmed from her decision come "not guilty of the streaming platform once they fired my dad for utilizing epithets."

"I’m sorry, but I can’t protect my Dad’s racism," Bonnie wrote. "When it comes to The Systemon Unleashed TV, mine father to be fired by the platform for utilizing racial and homophobic epithets towards my fellow actors members on the show...I have actually expressed time and time again mine ever-growing disappointment in my father"s progression right into his old racialism ways."

A rep because that Dog and his wife-to-be denied Bonnie"s allegations in a statement come ET,stating, "Bonnie"s allegations room false and a misguided attempt to derail ours wedding."

The statement declared that Bonnie and Dog"sstepdaughter, Cecily -- who is Beth"s daughterwith her very first husband, Keith Barmore -- have actually been "employed" through unnamed world who are looking to gain "revenge at any cost" against Dog.

"Please pray for Bonnie and Cecily come be released from everything hold these human being have on them. We love them and also pray because that them every day," the declare read."Despite the sadness we feel at this rift in our family, Francie and also I space looking front to celebrate our wedding next week through the remainder of ours family and close friends."

In she statement, Bonnie go on to insurance claim that, throughout his marriage to Beth, the reality TV bounty hunter "would cheat top top my mommy all the time," and that Beth functioned hard come "make the the ideal man he can be. All too often, that job had dealing v his near-constant infidelity through her friends and strangers when trying to teach the to be a far better man. Ns don’t think that work-related was in vain; i think mother did readjust my dad. However that change vanished once my mom died."

Bonnie additional claimedthat she father "has adopted old prejudices and doubled under on racist and homophobic stereotypes. Because that example, mine dad no BLM and called BLM protestors that I proudly stand v each and every day "thugs."He has actually used horrific epithets against LGBTQ people, and he has additional aligned himself v right-wing extremists who think in QAnon theories."

Bonnie concluded by statingher decision come speak the end was urged by a desire come protect and also defend her late mother"s legacy.

"If my dad and his new wife want to take trip to right-wing churches attacking happy people and also advancing QAnon theories, he can absolutely do that, but I’m walking to stand by the memory and legacy of mine mom, Beth Chapman," Bonnie wrote. "Her memory, and the values she stand for, are worth fighting come advance."

According to a TMZ report, the alleged text Francie sent Bonnie declared that the rift was as result of Bonnie"scontinued work with the streaming platform the fired Dog. The alleged text, published in the report, read in part, "Let"s not beat about the bush, you & Cecily both know You haven"t been invited to the wedding since your (sic) living under the exact same roof with world who stabbed (him), robbed, lied, manipulated, smeared his name and tried to destroy his career."

"You and also Cecily have chosen to align yourselves through this and my task is to in ~ ALL prices protect her dad!!!" the purported text continued.

Lyssa Chapman, Dog"s 34-year-old daughter the he shares v ex Lyssa Rae Brittain, reaction to Bonnie"s insurance claims with number of tweets.

"My sister(s) are putting out lies around our father. Perform not listen! for the record, Bonnie and Cecily room loved by ours family and we room heartbroken that bad people room using them to gain revenge ~ above Dad. Dad is no a racist and also not homophobic. He loves all people," she wrote. "Everything Bonnie is alleging has actually been placed in she head through ex-business partners of my father who space angry castle couldn’t ride his coattails any kind of longer. Dad stop working v them when he realized they to be con men.They claimed they "fired"him to conserve face and also then began grooming 2 of his daughters as revenge. I think they room of a cult mentality and also my sisters have been indoctrinated."

Dog, who has been married 5 times for this reason far and also is father to a full of 12 children, got engaged to Francie in may 2020 -- 10 months after Beth"s death at period 51 adhering to a battle with neck cancer.

Speaking v ET in September 2020, Dog and also Francieopened up about meeting each various other after Beth"s death. Francieexplained exactly how she had actually lost her very own husband to cancer simply months before and the pair bonded over their loss.

"We construed the pain that the various other one to be feeling and those tough days and moments, we assisted each other stand up,” Francie said ET. "We could cry through each other and also talk about what we were feeling. We were able to walk together each various other through the pain and heartbreak and also it brought us together in this amazing way."

Dog additionally said that there "couldn’t have been a much better pick the God picked” for him once he discovered Francie.

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The 68-year-old reality star do a guest illustration on the Two men From Hollywood podcast previously this month and revealed that the pair would be tie the knot on Sept. 2.