Born Duane Chapman, Dog has actually been married 6 times and is the dad of 12 children.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter's eldest daughter, Barbara, passed far in 2006Credit: GettyHow walk Dog The Bounty Hunter's daughter die?

The father-of-12's eldest daughter, Barbara Katy, passed away in 2006 in ~ the period of 23.

Barbara was eliminated in a automobile accident the day prior to her father's wedding come his fifth wife, Beth Smith.

The tragedy taken place in might 2006, near Fairbanks, Alaska.

Barbara is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery, Centerville, Indiana.

According come News9, Barbara was killed when the steal SUV she remained in rolled and also crashed right into a tree.

The driver, Scott Standefer II, also died in the accident.





Per the outlet, the pair reportedly tried making use of a stolen credit transaction card to rental a room in ~ a resort about 50 mile northeast the Fairbanks.

Police in ~ the scene said: "There is no clue as to why lock left the roadway. There are absolutely no skid marks on the road. They simply went turn off the road, fight an embankment and launched."

Barbara is made it through by boy Travis Drake-Lee, born in 2002 - he to be just 4 years old as soon as she died.

Dog gathered his surviving children to discuss whether his Hawaii wedding should go front the an extremely next day, and also it go - as a solemn event of his daughter's life.

Barbara's mom is Dog's 3rd ex-wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain.

They paid tribute to Barbara ~ above the anniversary of she death.

Barbara Katie Chapman was 23-years-old at the moment of her deathDid Dog the Bounty Hunter likewise lose a son?

It's not the only tragedy in Dog's huge family.

Dog's baby kid Zebadiah - whose mother is second ex-wife Ann Tegnell - tragically died at under a month old in 1980.

Zebadiah to be born in January 1980 and also tragically passed away 30 job later.

Chapman increased to fame in 2003 ~ tracking and also capturing Max Factor, succession of serial rapist Andrew Luster, in Mexico.

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His headline record led come an sell for a fact TV show following him and also his “posse” tracking down world who run bail.

Dog the Bounty Hunter"s daughter Lyssa says star deserves to be happy and also it"s selfish to judge him for relocating on from late wife Beth