Dog The Bounty Hunter is authorized the manhunt for Brian Laundrie, the friend of Gabby Petito that was discovered dead in cool Teton nationwide Park, Wyoming.

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The truth TV star and legendary bounty hunter, whose actual name is Duane Chapman, has been spotted knocking on the doors that Brian Laundrie’s family home in north Port, Florida. 

Laundrie’s parents say the disappeared from the home on September 14 yet Dog wants an ext answers. And for Dog, joining in the high-profile case is more than just a job move, it"s personal. 

Dog also lost a daughter at Gabby Petito’s age and can empathize through her grieving family.

How go Dog The Bounty’s daughter die?

Dog’s eldest daughter, Barbara Katy Chapman, died in a car accident in 2006 once she was simply 23 years old.

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The crash arisen in Fairbanks, Alaska on may 19, 2006.

Barbara died while control in a steal car. 

Chapman died when the stolen SUV she remained in rolled and crashed into trees. She was eliminated alongside the car"s driver, she boyfriend, Scott Standefer II.

At the time, Troopers suspect drugs or alcohol may have actually played a role in the crash.

Barbara was a mother of a young son.

Chapman left behind her 4-year-old son, Travis Drake-Lee Chapman.

Chapman to be Dog’s eldest kid with his third wife, Lyssa Greene, through whom he shares two other children.

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Dog additionally had 6 sons from previous relationships before Chapman’s birth and also went on to have actually two much more children, as well as adopting Beth Chapman’s daughter. 

Barbara passed away a day before Dog and Beth’s wedding.

Dog was due to marry his longtime partner, and also fellow bounty hunter, Beth a day after Barbara’s death. 

Barbara was not supposed to attend the Hawaii wedding and also Dog chose with his youngsters to walk ahead with his marital plans in order to honor his daughter. 

“They all made decision unanimously they should celebrate the wedding and also her life,” Michael Feeney, an elderly vice president of A&E television network, revealed in a statement in ~ the time.

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Dog’s daughter revealed they had a daunting upbringing.

Chapman’s sister, Lyssa Chapman, declared their household was full of trauma and also hardship during their upbringing.

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She declared that in her beforehand childhood, the siblings had actually to resolve her mother"s alcohol abuse, she father"s medicine addiction, and several occurrences of sexual abuse by undisclosed people. 

At the time of her death, Chapman’s mother defined that she daughter had been top top the not correct path but was make the efforts to change her life before her untimely passing. 

" had gained herself right into a destructive mess," she said. "She to be trying as tough as she could to put her life earlier together."

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