DOG The Bounty Hunter bound the knot v his fiancee Francie Frane ~ above Thursday in ~ a resort-style wedding to meet in the Colorado mountains, The sun can solely reveal.

The TV star - genuine name Duane Chapman - and also his new bride said 'I do' at The Pinery at the Hill in Colorado Springs, surrounding by friends and also family members.

Dog propose to new wife Francie earlier in 2020 following his mam Beth's fatality from cancerCredit: Duane Chapman

The pair tied the knot on Thursday in ~ The Pinery in ~ the Hill in Colorado SpringsCredit: The us Sun

The high-end wedding venue uses packages native $5,712 to a lining $31,412 for 100 guests, which consists of everything native floral and also decor architecture to a videographer.

Customized add-ons are also easily accessible including a photobooth, homemade S'mores bar with outdoor fireplace, signature cocktails, full dessert displays and also bar packages.

According come an digital description, the facility because that a platinum package contains a bridal suite and groom's lounge, consciousness in the Sweet Water Chapel, and five hour agree in the Cascade Ballroom.

Sources said The sunlight Francie, 52, wore a white sleeveless gown because that her large day, if the agree was hosted in the ballroom v views looking the end over the city.

Dog and Francie got involved in may 2020 however had to save delaying their nuptials because of the coronavirus pandemic, together they want to have actually a celebration event without any limitations. 

The truth star showed up on the podcast Two males From Hollywood last month and revealed the he would certainly be gaining married top top September 2.

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Dog said during the interview: "We checked out the venue and picked it out yesterday and also looked in ~ it- male it costs a lot to gain married, my God.





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"Francie's husband passed away over three years ago. Beth passed away over 2 years ago and ns felt an extremely bad also wanting to have someone rather after Beth."

Dog's 34-year-old daughter Lyssa, among his 12 children, told her father "don't shed this woman" after meeting Francie because that the first time. 

His large day comes after the star denied he's a racist in a brand-new interview between a household feud.

The 68-year-old hit back against the claims made by his daughter Bonnie, 22, in a sit under with ET this week where he said he was offered a pass to usage the N-word.

Bonnie has previously alleged the Dog is racist, homophobic and cheated ~ above his late wife Beth Chapman - Bonnie's mother.

Dog said Kevin Frazier: "I have actually never been a racist.

"I'm 33.5 percent Apache. But because of end 15 years ago, I have actually an Achilles' heel due to the fact that I supplied the dorn word."

In a leaked phone call to his son in 2007, Dog was heard making use of the N-word many times.

ET reported that Dog's present Dog Unleashed to be dropped in in march after it was asserted Dog "used racial and also homophobic epithets to strike young afri American children who star through his daughter in UTV's The System."

When asked by ET why he used the word therefore freely, Dog said: "I thought I had a pass in the Black tribe to use it, type of choose Eminem." 

Bonnie, and also his various other daughter Cecily, 28, previously called The sun that they not been invited to the wedding.

Bonnie asserted that Francie evidenced in a message that she was not invited to the wedding because she participated in social justice and also BLM protests because that Unleashed entertainment TV present The system after Dog was "fired" by the streaming platform.

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Rooms in ~ The Antlers are just $200 but it seems Dog splashed the end on the wedding venueCredit: The united state Sun

In an exclusive interview v The sunlight last month, Cecily, likewise said regarding her father’s wedding: "I haven’t acquired an invite yet.

"I'm assuming the he thinks ns wouldn’t want to be there. Ns didn't also know there to be a day until The sunlight did a story around it."

Meanwhile, Dog and also Francie also enjoyed a romantic remain at The Antlers Hotel in the lead as much as their wedding, which uses "monumental mountain vistas and spectacular views of downtown Colorado Springs."

Although it's not the high-end stay fans would certainly expect, with rooms at the four-star to meet costing simply $200 a night for guests.

The website reads: "Enjoy a real Colorado Springs dining suffer with two on-site restaurants and also bar command by our award-winning executive chef.

"Room company is constantly ready and waiting any kind of time you want to stay in and also dine in private.

"The at home heated pool and hot bath tub feature panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains.

"During the summer, visit our outdoor rooftop pool and hot bathtub with equally impressive views."

Francie post a pic that the pair together in a throwback, writing: "Do girlfriend wanna know why ns wanna marry friend Mr. Chapman ?? therefore I have the right to kiss girlfriend anytime I desire to."

Dog mutual a snap of self on Instagram posing alongside an shining orange tux because that his fitting recently, captioned: "Getting prepared for wedding 3days & A wake up Up !!!!!"

He later revealed the household have experienced heartache through the lose his brother-in-law simply days prior to his wedding, share on society media: "Please pray for my little sister Paula her husband left for sky today."

Fans were fast to send to leave messages, v one writing: "Prayers for Paula and also your family."

Dog's new wife has been a rock because his lovely Beth Chapman passed awayCredit: refer to Caption