DOG the Bounty Hunter's daughter Cecily stunned her followers on society media when she post a fairly racy photo.

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Taking come Instagram, the 27-year-old determined to share a snap of herself naked in the bath tub.


Ensuring she covered her modesty, Cecily provided bright pink flowers to hide her exclusive areas and also her lengthy blonde hair.

She likewise appeared to have actually candles in the background as he appreciated some under time and reflected ~ above 2020.

She captioned the post: "In this new Year’s ns don’t desire you to see simply me I want you to view the full me the actual me.

"#PhatAndFabulous no everyone is skinny no one does anybody feeling comfortable in their very own skin and this is a really risky thing for me come do yet guess what ns gonna show people that to be fat and also fabulous no issue what you to speak B**CH!"

Cecily described herself together 'fat and also fabulous' on society mediaCredit: describe Caption

Cecily's 198k pendant were quick to comment on the post, with one human being writing: "I love this give thanks to you."

Another pan added: "Thank you for the inspiration! it’s not basic being comfortable in our very own skin!"

And a third person wrote: "You are unbelievably sexy, hot, beautiful, and gorgeous!!!"

Another human wrote: "You space not fat. You space voluptuous and beautiful, similar to your Momma!"


Cecily is planning come marry her fiancé Matty some time this yearCredit: Cecily Chapman

Sadly, Cecily's mom Beth passed far in June 2019 after battling throat and also lung cancer.

In November, it to be revealed the Cecily will certainly wear she late mom's wedding dress when she ties the knot v her fiancé this year.

Cecily Chapman announced she is planning come wed friend Matty in 2021 and would love one of two people a Halloween or Christmas wedding.

In an exclusive interview, Cecily said The Sun: "I constantly wanted to wear my mom's dress for mine wedding.

Cecily sadly shed her mother Beth Chapman come cancer ago in June 2019Credit: Instagram

"The day she acquired married to my dad I thought she looked therefore beautiful - it was the most beautiful dress I could ever imagine.

"A optimal designer made it - it's a stunning dress. It's halter neck and very flattering.

"It's an extremely traditional to wear her mother's dress. Yet most of every it's a way for me come feel prefer she is through me the whole time and also be a part of the wedding.

"It's a huge deal because that me. Ns spoke to she while she was alive and also told her I wanted the dress - ns think I claimed that to her a couple of year after the wedding.

Cecily is planning come wear her late mom's wedding dress once she it s okay marriedCredit: Getty - Contributor


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"As because that my dad, I'm certain it will certainly be super emotional for him see me stay the dress yet he understands what it means to me.

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"He's been really supportive of united state girls having our mother's things or choosing what to carry out with them.

"It will certainly be a special and an emotional day because that him however it's really important to me that he go me down the aisle."

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