PINE, Colo. — In September, 3 months after the fatality of his wife, Dog the Bounty Hunter to be angling under the Colorado sunlight at a trout pond in the woodland of the Rocky Mountains.

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The pond to be close sufficient to the highway that trucks mashing down route 285 would certainly roll down their windows to yell his name. To each passer-by, he increased his thumb and also pinkie in a trademark shaka authorize of an excellent will.

Dog states he has actually 12 children, 11 grandchildren and also two great-grandchildren. He also says he has actually had four wives, to be convicted of robbery 18 times and captured 10,000 fugitives. And he insurance claims God promised to make him famous.

“I require the attention. I wake increase every day and say, ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who the baddest bounty hunter of castle all?,’” that said, through a conspiratorial arched eyebrow before transforming serious: “I need love.”

With the pompadour-mullet, jailhouse tats and also beet-red tanned skin — numerous it — the only thing missing is the template song.

Families pulled your minivans over and also ran the end to greet him. A woman v a graying ponytail and also vodka on she breath sidled up as well. “I simply want come say i’m praying for you and also Beth,” she said, together if consoling one old friend.

Dog squirted fake cheese top top a Triscuit and ate it, then lit another menthol Marlboro and eyed a pickup van creeping into the parking lot. It’s not all love, the said: “I’m tested when a week, guys looking to view how difficult the Dog is. That’s what the Taser is for.”

Behind his wraparound Oakley sunglasses, his blue eyes are significant by deep circles. A cloud the nervous energy comes and goes favor a storm. The is 66 and alone for the first time in decades. The is now likewise without a tv contract.

“This is the big moment,” the said, once asked those next. “That’s the big question.”

Suddenly, there was a win on the line. But when Dog lifted his rod from the water, the hook to be bare.


Back in 2004, Duane Chapman, known as Dog, hot-wired a reality revolution with “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” talk shotgun through his family of bickering bounty hunters, many of whom had done time themselves, viewers to be pulled follow me on fugitive chases together Dog led his crew in quest of those who had damaged the terms of their bail agreements.

The popular show, broadcast on A&E, spurred what was dubbed a wave of “redneck reality,” bringing America fight shows choose “Duck Dynasty” and “Here come Honey Boo Boo.” that lasted eight seasons.

Spinoffs and three years on country Music Channel followed, yet nothing matched his success at A&E. Critical year, he went back to television when again with “Dog’s many Wanted,” ~ above WGN America. In it, Dog and Beth Chapman ongoing to follow fugitives.

This time, she had actually a diagnosis of neck cancer. So the present became around her last days riding with “Big Poppa,” as she called him. She make the efforts chemotherapy many times and quit. “I want to dice in mine boots,” she claimed in the an initial episode. In June, as presented in the season finale, at period 51, she did.

“Beth was adamant, she wanted everything filmed,” said Matt Asmus, the showrunner. “If anyone wanted the camera turned off, it was Dog.”

Throughout the season, together Ms. Chapman loser hair and also weight, Dog and his posse proceed to slice with the heartland, quoting the an excellent book and catching crooks. But as she begins to slip away, falling right into a coma prior to being taken turn off life support, Dog’s grip on truth becomes much more tenuous in his grief.

“I don’t want to live,” he claims after she death, eyeing her pill bottles. The season’s finish shows a broken man — opposing of the hero that Dog spent years building onscreen.

After Ms. Chapman’s death, Dog had a pulmonary embolism. Testosterone supplements had thickened his blood, Dog suspects. He confirm himself the end of the hospital against advice, pushing “an orderly up versus a wall because he i will not ~ let me leave,” that said. “They couldn’t prevent me.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the doctor and also TV personality, flew to Colorado for an intervention.

“Does Dog desire to live or not?” Dr. Oz said me. “Dog told me a dream where Beth said, ‘Big Daddy, what take it you therefore long? maybe she’s waiting, what am ns living for?’”

Dog said he has now to be chewing ice cream cubes to shed weight. His 5-foot-7 framework is under to 187 pounds. The is smoking only two packs a day, put disposable filter on his cigarettes.

But sunblock and also quitting demorphs salons no happening; neither are prescription glasses. Eating and sleeping well space still issues for him — for this reason is gout — and what that really wants to perform is write an additional book, this one around Ms. Chapman, that said. And also he has actually plans for a brand-new show.

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He is functioning on a pardon from the state of Texas, i beg your pardon could assist him establish a boyhood dream: ending up being Sheriff Dog. (In 1976, a failed medicine deal resulted in Dog’s killing conviction. Dog states he didn’t pull the create — he was in the vehicle — but, according to Texas law, he to be an accessory.) He would certainly be a real sheriff, in a actual town that requirements cleaning up, the said.