truth star and also bail bondswoman Beth Chapman died at a Honolulu hospital top top June 26. She was diagnosed v throat cancer in 2017. " data-duration="01:02" data-source="" data-show-name="" data-show-url="" class="video-playlist__item" >

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world of shade in the US room experiencing 'climate racism'
The defense teams of the three guys accused the chasing and killing 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery have actually completed their closing arguments.’s Sara Sidner reports.

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Stephen B. Morton/Pool/AP
Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski gift a closing debate to the jury during the attempt of Travis McMichael, his father, Gregory McMichael, and William "Roddie" Bryan, in ~ the Glynn ar Courthouse, Monday, Nov. 22, 2021, in Brunswick, Ga. The three men charged v the February 2020 slaying the 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton, Pool)
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Defense rests closing arguments in Arbery psychological’s Alisyn Camerota sits down with Trump’s former an individual attorney Michael Cohen ~ he was released from home arrest. Cohen weighs in on Trump’s leadership style and also states whether he think the former president will run again in 2024.

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Why Michael Cohen think Trump won't run in 2024
practically as abruptly together she had vanished, Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai reappeared in windy view, but questions continue to be over her freedom. The flurry the videos came amid a firestorm of worldwide concern for Peng, that disappeared from the public eye for more than 2 weeks after acquisition to society media to accuse previous Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli the coercing her right into sex at his home – an explosive and politically perceptible allegation that triggered blanket censorship in China.’s will certainly Ripley reports.

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Chinese state media affiliate/Twitter
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video shows reappearance that Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai
Officials administer an upgrade after much more than 20 human being were hurt after an SUV ran through a Waukesha, Wisconsin, Christmas parade, saying the there were some fatalities.

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vehicle driving with holiday parade brought about fatalities
Authorities are looking for the man who escaped an Atlanta airport protection checkpoint after a weapon was discharged, dreadful travelers and also temporarily grounding flights at one of the world busiest airports the weekend before Thanksgiving.

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Stephoń Stafford
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pistol discharge causes chaos in ~ Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson airplane
global Olympic Committee president cutting board Bach organized a video phone speak to with three-time Olympian Peng Shuai, the Olympics governing body announced, between a tide of an international concern about Peng’s wellbeing and also whereabouts. The IOC go not administer access to the video.’s Patrick Snell reports.

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Intl Olympic Committee
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brand-new questions ~ Chinese tennis star appears in video clip call
Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager accused the killing 2 people and also shooting one more during unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last summer has actually been uncovered not guilty on all charges. His lawyer, mark Richards, talks through’s kris Cuomo about the verdict.

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Mark Richards vpx
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does Rittenhouse think the did anything wrong? hear his lawyer's response
president Joe Biden, who appeared to equate Kyle Rittenhouse with white supremacists in a tweet throughout the 2020 campaign, claimed he stand by the jury’s decision that discovered Rittenhouse not guilty of all charges.

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view Biden's reaction to the Rittenhouse verdict
Kyle Rittenhouse, the teens accused that killing two people and also shooting an additional during unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, summer 2020 has actually been discovered not guilty on all charges.

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Rittenhouse breaks down after being uncovered not guilty on every charges
Following involves for his neck clearing and also stiff walk, president Biden underwent his first annual physics in office. The White house released a an introduction of his health and states that he’s ‘fit to efficiently execute the duties that the Presidency’.’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

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Susan Walsh/AP
President Joe Biden walks out of the White house toward maritime One top top the southern Lawn the the White home in Washington, Friday, Nov. 12, 2021, as he top to Camp David because that the weekend. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
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Biden physician says chairman is 'fit because that duty'
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Beth Chapman, who through her husband Duane “Dog” Chapman starred in the renowned reality series “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” died Wednesday morning in a Honolulu hospital, a spokesperson for the family shown to

She was 51.

Gillian Sheldon said the Chapman was surrounded by she family.

Teresa Kroeger/Getty pictures North America/Getty Images
Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman and also Beth Chapman in 2017

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She to be recently placed in a median induced coma as she fought cancer.

Chapman and her husband were the stars that the hit reality show, i beg your pardon chronicled the adventures of your family-owned bounty searching business and also aired from 2004 come 2012.

Duane Chapman common the news of her passing on society media.

“It’s 5:32 in Hawaii, this is the time she would wake as much as go hike Koko Head mountain,” that tweeted. “Only today, she hiked the stairway come heaven. We all love you, Beth. See you ~ above the other side.”

It’s 5:32 in Hawaii, this is the time she would wake as much as go hike Koko Head mountain. Only today, she hiked the stairway to heaven. We all love you, Beth. See you top top the various other side.

— Duane Dog Chapman (
DogBountyHunter) June 26, 2019

Born in Denver, Beth Chapman was the youngest mrs to ever to get a bail patent in her home state, a document that was later broken by her daughter, baby Lyssa.

Chapman was committed to the bail bond organization in i m sorry she functioned for an ext than 30 years.

follow to the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” site, Chapman offered on the executive board of the national association prior to winning a bid because that its presidency in February 2016.

however it to be the love story in between the Chapmans, as lot as their adventures searching fugitives, the enthralled viewers.

The couple raised 12 youngsters together and split your time in between homes in Hawaii and also Colorado.

The pair and their boy Leland starred in CMT’s truth series, “Dog and also Beth: top top the Hunt,” for three periods from 2013 to 2015.

In September 2017, the pair used the official Facebook account to confirm a report that she had been diagnosed with phase 2 throat cancer.

They later on revealed throughout the A&E special, “Dog & Beth: struggle of their Lives,” that the cancer had been removed and also she to be cancer-free.

but the an illness returned last year and also Chapman started keeping pendant updated on she cancer fight via social media.

her husband told us Weekly in December that his mam was exploring alternative treatments and fighting come gain back her health.

“Beth will certainly not take it anything the physicians want to offer her. Also the physician told me he doesn’t desire her to have seizures if the pain is the bad, but she won’t execute it,” the said. “She takes over-the-counter ache meds. She will certainly not take it anything prescription.”

Beth Chapman called the Star Advertiser newspaper in January the she was committed come regaining she health.

“I’m a fighter, i’m a solid fighter – big-time survivor – and also I’m gonna hit this as strongly as it’s fighting me,” she said.

In April, she husband released a explain stating she had actually been admitted to the hospital and later released.

the solicited prayers for his mam on June 23 and also the complying with day mutual a photo from she bedside at the hospital.

WGN America had actually been slated come debut a brand-new series special the couple, “Dog’s many Wanted,” next year.