"Dog the Bounty Hunter" star Beth Chapman talks around her fight with neck cancer and also moving the top Da Kine Bail bond office, which has been top top Queen Emma Street for over 15 years.

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Co-owner that Da Kine Bail binding office Beth Chapman and her husband, “Dog” Chapman, will be selling lot of the memorabilia castle have accumulated during your long-running truth series, “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”



Butch and also Nola Hall, visiting from Washington, D.C., shot to get a look inside the Da Kine Bail bond office.

The close up door of their notorious Da Kine Bail Bonds and Dog the Bounty Hunter keep location has actually Duane “Dog” and Beth Chapman searching for a brand-new home for your landmark business.

The Queen Emma street location has actually been the ar fans could involved snap a photo of the office for 15 years.

“This is were they could always come to gain a tiny piece of Dog, where they feel favor they were component of the show,” Beth Chapman said. “It’s just been a very, an extremely long ride in ~ this place. Therefore it’s just been bittersweet for us to go.”

The power pair is having actually a clearance revenue to downsize, allowing fans to perhaps purchase most items. Chapman said they’re do the efforts to do things smaller sized to have actually a an ext “personal” service.

“We’re in ~ a place where we have to shrink under our obligations and not take on so lot responsibility,” she said.

Even though they will uproot your office and store, the Chapmans still setup to spend many of your time in ~ their residence in Hawaii.

Amid moving and filming their new show, Chapman has been fighting recurring stage 4 throat cancer. The couple recently returned from your Colorado home, which she claims is helping her health.

“My lungs were an extremely distressed in Colorado because of the altitude … for this reason coming back to sea level go my human body good,” she said. “Being back home is a lot much better for me.”

Chapman is cherishing each day and continuing to fight back to an excellent health.

“I’m a fighter, i’m a strong fighter — big-time survivor — and also I’m gonna fight this as vigorously as the fighting me,” she said.

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After safety the last few days top top Hawaii island “chasing negative guys,” the Chapmans will certainly be having actually a book and merchandise signing event today at Da Kine Bail Bonds native noon come 4 p.m.

“We’re not going anywhere anytime soon,” Chapman said. “We just want to offer our pan a chance to come down and get a piece of history, gain a small piece that the display if they want to.”