A Scottish Deerhound named Claire was crowned the best in present winner at the 2021 nationwide Dog display -- the an initial dog to ever before do therefore in the show"s 20-year history.Bill McCay/NBC
Claire is a bone-afide champ.

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History was made Thursday at the national Dog show — the beloved yearly event hosted by the Kennel club of Philadelphia — as soon as a Scottish Deerhound called Claire, who also won critical year, to be named ideal in Show.

Claire’s success marks the very first time a dog has actually won back-to-back in the show’s 20-year history, hosts noted.

“In twenty years of the national Dog Show, there’s never been a repeat champion until tonight,” commentator mar Carillo claimed of the two-time height dog.

She was cheered on by vaccinated spectators — a return toward normal after last year’s scaled-down, fan-less spectacle — as she pranced in a win lap about the greater Philadelphia Expo center in Oaks, Pennsylvania. The event was filmed on Nov. 20 and also 21 yet aired Thursday ~ above NBC.

“She’s a year older and much more sure that herself,” she handler Angela Lloyd stated of Claire, whose registered surname is GCH Foxcliffe Claire Randall Fraser.

Part that the Hound group, the 4-year-old canine additionally earned a $20,000 compensation in enhancement to the glory. Compete this year was tight together Claire to be pitted versus Chester the Affenpinscher, Sasha the Pyrenean Shepherd, MM the Lakeland Terrier, Jade the German Shorthaired Pointer, Mo’Ne the Kuvasz and also Winter the Bulldog.

Last year, Claire to be the an initial of her breed ever before to having the coveted title, but she’s not the very first champ in her family: Claire’s grandm won best in show at the 2011 Westminster Dog Show.

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But Claire, who resides in Virginia, has one-upped she granny since she’s now the top-winning Scottish Deerhound in history.