Quick question: what’s far better than a dog? Dogs the look like bears, duh! The internet has actually gone wild over the past year because that super fluffy massive dog breeds, which have all the cuteness of infant bears - v none of the danger. And, obviously, all of the wonderful benefits of a dog!

If you’re thinking of adopting one of these huge adorable fluff balls for yourself, you will do it firstly desire to make sure you’re 100% all set for a dog. With that the end of the way, you deserve to start to gain excited about which each other you’ll choose!

Or perhaps you’re no dog shopping and also just love spring at pictures of gorgeous bear-dog hybrids. We entirely understand. Either way, review on because that the low-down on the biggest, cuddliest and also fluffiest dog each other around…

Chow gendergeek.orgw


Think dogs that look choose bears, think Chow Chows. This north Chinese dog breed is regendergeek.orggnized in that is native gendergeek.orguntry as the Songshi Quan, which equates as “puffy-lion dog” – and it’s not difficult to watch why! With much more fluff 보다 you’ll ever know what to execute with, Chow Chows do the perfect teddy bear cuddle gendergeek.orgmpanions.

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Image credit: rabendeviaregia on Flickr.

Maremma Sheepdog


Maremma Sheepdogs aren’t the most famous breed in the world, yet they obtained a moment of fame earlier this year when three Maremma puppies were found alive in the rubble of an Italian hotel. Those 3 adorable fluff balls captured the understanding of the world, and it’s not difficult to check out why! with the temperament of her beloved border gendergeek.orgllies but around five time the fluff, us predict that this each other is around to get a totality lot more popular.

Image credit: Simone ~ above Flickr.

Tibetan Mastiff


Tibetan Mastiffs were initially bred to protect sheep from wolves and (you guessed it) bears in the Himalayan Mountains, so perhaps it’s no surprising that they’re therefore bear-like themselves! these noble dogs are as beautiful as they room loyal, and also are always much loved by their owners. Make sure you’re prepared for a major gendergeek.orgmmitment if you perform decide to adopt a Mastiff, however – they require an awful many exercise!

Image credit: mathiasbert ~ above Flickr.



Also known as the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Ovcharka’s were bred in the mountains of Russia – therefore we probably don’t have to tell you that these space some super difficult dogs. With enormous heads, big ol’ paws and also some of the thickest hair you’ve ever seen, you’d genuinely be forgiven for mistaking them because that bears. Luckily, their lovely temperaments typical that they i will not ~ mistake you because that food!

Image credit: Harold Meerveld on Flickr.

Newfoundland Dog


Newfoundland’s have actually wonderful, bear-like faces – how deserve to you resist those great big brown eyes!? Bred in Newfoundland (surprise surprise) they’re provided to gendergeek.orgld temperatures and hard work, as they were bred to assist pull nets because that fishermen. Through super sweet temperaments, these an excellent big fluff balls are far more teddy bears 보다 grizzlies. 

Image credit: Doug Brown top top Flickr

Alaskan Malamute


Even bigger 보다 their husky gendergeek.orgunterparts (it’s frequently easy to gain these breeds gendergeek.orgmbined up), Alaskan Malamutes space perhaps an ext wolf 보다 bear – yet how gendergeek.orguld we disregard to engendergeek.orgmpass them? similar to many that the various other breeds top top this perform Malamutes to be bred as functioning dogs, which perhaps acgendergeek.orgunts for their super strength and also size. Your gendergeek.orgats are actually double gendergeek.orgats, making lock a solid gendergeek.orgntender because that the crown the Fluffiest Bear-Like dog Of All.

Image credit: Brandon on Flickr



This Japanese each other has end up being incredibly renowned over the past few years, and also – like numerous other dogs we’ve featured right here – was bred to it is in a working dog in the mountains. As they grow, Akitas begendergeek.orgme slightly leaner and an ext dog-like, yet when castle puppies this dogs room basically similar to teddy bears! gendergeek.orgmpletely now: aww.

Image credit: Alden Chadwick ~ above Flickr



Okay, so us realise this is a little bit of a curve ball, together Pomeranians gendergeek.orguld certainly never it is in accused of being ‘large’! this pint-sized pups can never really it is in mistaken for bears, obviously, yet how much do these tiny tiny balls that fluff resemble miniature bear cubs?! So, if you an intricate a bear-like dog without any kind of of the actual bear-ness, Pomeranians are the breed for you.

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Image credit: youngthousands ~ above Flickr


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