I love taking some time off and also going approximately the cottage v my family members in the summer. It’s fun to get everyone together and also just relax because that a couple of days. The only problem I used to have actually is when my dog would certainly steal food from my parent’s dog.

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It constantly ended up becoming such as an issue. I finished up functioning on the behavior and have regulated now to prevent my dog from stealing food kind other dogs, and here’s just how I did it.

Probably the simplest way to avoid a dog stealing food from another dog is come supervise feeding time and establishing clear bowl boundaries. Another way is to feed the dogs separately, particularly if the worry is v a dog that you just see occasionally.

How to stop your dog steal food native your various other dog

That’s not always feasible though, so here’s what to perform if you have two or more dogs living at home and also you desire to prevent food stealing. Reduced down the page I describe how to deal with visiting dogs and also the stealing of each other’s food.

Step 1 – Supervise feeding time

For this come work, friend will need to dedicate a many time hanging out v your dogs at mealtimes. Every time the dogs have a meal, to fill up both bowls there is no the pets being present in the room.

Once completed, carry in the dog that has actually been steal the food. Permit him to eat there is no interruption. If he starts to move towards the second bowl, start step 2.

Step 2 – Reinforce bowl ownership

Step in between the dog and also the second bowl. Use your body together a shield to save him away. Also give that a small push if the does not recognize right away. Usage your words and also commands the he is conscious of.

For instance, say “leave it” in a clear, certain voice. Carry out not say anything rather to no confuse him. Proceed this till the dog stop trying to steal indigenous the various other dog’s food bowl.

Step 3 – Rewards for great behaviour

Once the dog has actually stopped trying to steal your other dog’s food, offer him many praise. Pets him and give the a treat.

At this point, take him out of the room and also bring the various other dog in. Let the various other dog eat his food as he normally would.

Step 3 – Repeat the process

This is no a one-time cure because that this kind of behaviour. Girlfriend will should do the very same thing over and over for weeks until the an initial dog stops trying come steal kind the other dog’s food bowl.

If you execute not have enough complimentary time come commit come this, it might be worth hiring a dog sitter. Friend can describe to them what you space trying to do and ask them to continue the training.

Step 4 – allow them eat together

Finally, the is time to watch if the maintain has functioned to prevent the dog steal the rather food. To perform this, feeding both dogs at the very same time in the exact same place.

Stand close by and be prepared to interference if the an initial dog goes for the various other bowl the food. If this happens, use the “leave it” command.

Eventually, your dog will get the message and also they will be able to eat with each other without supervision.

It’s in doggy nature to steal food native each various other (Image via https://pixabay.com/photos/golden-retriever-puppy-2706672/)

How to prevent a dog steal food from various other dogs visiting your home

The method above is precious a shoot if you have actually multiple dogs at home at all times. However, if the difficulty is only developing when you room visiting with another dog (like in my case), the process would be different.

The most basic thing, in this case, would certainly be to feed the dogs at various schedules, because it will just be for a couple of days every year anyway.

Step 1 – Train castle for various schedules

Your dog will acquire hungry about the same time together each other, that’s only natural. The trick is to feed the dominant one simply a tiny ahead of the other. Then he have the right to eat his enjoy the meal quickly and also the submissive dog deserve to spend as much time together he wants with his.

Try feeding the first dog 10 minutes before feeding the various other dog.

Step 2 – develop an eat area

You will need to have actually an area where each dog can eat privately one at a time. This can be in the to wash room, or any room that has actually a door.

You could also collection up infant gates around the kitchen. Make sure to constantly have fill water bowls easily accessible to both dogs at all times.

Step 3 – feed the dogs

Bring the an initial dog right into the eat area and also shut the door or near the gates. Provide the 2nd dog something tempting such together a toy to keep him populated in the meantime.

The first dog will certainly be offered 10 minute to eat his food alone, and also then he will be gotten rid of from the area and distracted with a toy.

Bring the second dog in and shut the door or nearby the gates. Provide that dog 10 minute to complete his meal, and then open the door again.

This should offer the second dog much less anxiety because he does not need to worry about his food gift stolen anymore.

Why is my dog thefts food from various other dogs?

There are two key reasons why dog steal food from others. The very first reason is just that the very first dog has actually less of an appetite or is eat at a slow-moving pace.

The 2nd dog will push their advantage and gobble increase the leftovers. This is their instinct to gobble under as lot food as they can.

The second reason is that among the dogs is adopting the alpha role. They space trying to display their dominance over the other dog, in this instance by eating their food.

This is typically the situation if you carry a new dog house or visit with a family members member’s pet.

Weirdly, some dogs will even start peeing on their food bowls when distressed choose this.

Why is this a problem?

The main problem with food thieves and also dogs that steal, is the one dog will have overeaten if the other hasn’t eaten enough. This can cause the an initial dog to become overweight and the second to end up being underweight end time.

Another worry is the the first dog will certainly eat also quickly since they recognize that they are being bad. This can cause them to end up being physically sick.

Another related problem is that the dog might start come steal food from people as well. If he is supplied to stealing various other dog food, he may start jumping ~ above the table or respond to to press the limits.

Dogs can get very sick from eating human being food, for this reason this requirements to it is in avoided at every costs.

Handy Hint: You could even have actually a dog who is stealing food from your cat. Here’s why it’s bad if it i do not care regular, and also how you can stop it.

Why is my dog eat so slowly?

Once you offer both dog the same amount the time come eat, it deserve to be clearer for friend to notification potential issues.

For example, if the 2nd dog is taking twice as long to eat together the very first one, this could be a sign of a problem.

Take him come the vet because that a consultation, together this might be one indication the a toothache (here’s just how to tell). He might be eating slowly because he is preventing chewing with details teeth.

It may also be an upset stomach that demands to be handle by a vet.

If it is a health worry that deserve to be healed, this may even solve the food concern on that is own. If both dogs are eating in ~ the exact same pace, one will be unable to stealing food native the other.


Dogs are completely led by their stomach, so given fifty percent a chance, many will take the opportunity to steal food from one more dog.

However, it can be trained the end of them.

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If you have actually tried these advice I would love to hear how you obtained on, so you re welcome do comment on our social media channels.