This is no runaway huge cat; it"s a pooch groomed to represent a university mascot

The pup, Charles the Monarch, is currently a "mane" attraction

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A coiffed pooch mistaken because that a lion’s cub is causing quite one uproar in Virginia.

Charles the dog to be frolicking down the highways in Norfolk, minding his very own business, as soon as panicked passers-by began calling 911.

through a dyed tail and a fluffy coat groomed to resemble a lion’s mane, the pup’s appearance was a small unusual.

“I’d like to report a lion sighting,” a male said in the 911 call.

“Say the again?” a dispatcher responded.

A few minutes later, an additional call come in.


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“I simply saw an pet that looked choose a tiny lion,” a guy said. “Had the mane and also everything … i don’t know if it gained away native the zoo, or what.”

and the flurry continued, consisting of a resident that told the dispatcher the the “baby lion” is the dimension of a Labrador retriever.

As shortly as the call trickled in, the Norfolk Police room contacted the local zoo come ensure its 2 lions were caged and accounted for.

“We all looked at each various other like, ‘Could it be?’” Greg Bockheim, the Virginia Zoo executive, management director, called affiliate WAVY.

Zoo employees scuttled to the lions’ cages, the said, however the large cats were rapid asleep.

Police relocated on to more pressing matters once they establish this no a runaway infant Simba native “The Lion King.”

Nor was it ~ above the lam indigenous the zoo.

It was a Labrador-poodle mix – full name Charles the monarch – strolling down the streets after a recent visit to the groomers.

His owner, Daniel Painter, told the affiliate that the dog’s cut represents the lion mascot at the Old preeminence University’.

Charles has actually turned into a celebrity because his sighting Tuesday, and is making rounds on national morning shows.

He likewise has a Facebook web page that chronicles his life as a “party animal.”

and the cuddly 3-year-old is no shy around his brand-new role together the “mane” attraction.