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A dog who disappeared native his Arkansas family members 10 years back has lastly been reunited with his family after being uncovered in California.

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Razzle"s odyssey finally gone into its final chapters ~ above Tuesday, July 6, when pilot Jeremy Wade choose up the pooch top top the West coast in order to return him come his family.

The black color miniature schnauzer had somehow managed to end up in the golden State ~ making a roughly 1,600-mile journey from his household who live in the Ozarks.

But, wade made sure to keep in mind in a social media short article that the 16-year-old Razzle would be returning home to spend his last years with his family, after ~ a bathroom break along the way.

In a Facebook short article shared top top Tuesday, go said: "It"s a pretty day because that a 1,600-mile roadless roadway trip. It"s likewise a large day for this little dog called Razzle."

"10 years ago, the climate 6-year-old dog was shed from his family members until the turned up over 1,500 miles away in California and also his microchip led earlier to his family. The exceptional dog transport individual out in California knew I sometimes fly to Heber Springs, and also now he"s obtaining a ride v me back to his family after every these years.

Wade continued: "He"s now a really old dog, but now he have the right to have the sunset of his life back home v his household in the Ozarks. We"re preventing in Santa Fe because that fuel and also bathroom, and also then following stop is Heber Springs, Arkansas."

Wade likewise shared a picture of himself and also Razzle, who was put in a cage because that the mammoth journey back to the Ozarks.

Another two videos, uploaded in the same post, confirmed the minute Razzle was put in the plane and one more of it taking off indigenous the airfield strip.

His article was liked an ext than 225 times and was common on more than 140 occasions. The comment ar was additionally flooded with praise because that Wade and expressed your excitement because that the reunion.

One on facebook user said: "Love this therefore much, therefore proud of girlfriend Jeremy...Cannot imagine what a reunion that will be because that Razzle and also his family."

Another added: "What a wonderful civilization we live in! sort hearts are everywhere" Welcome residence to Heber Springs!"

A 3rd commented: "Totally great story. Expect this finishing gets even much better when Razzle look at his family."

In May, san Joaquin ar Sheriff"s Office shared a article of a rather shaggy-looking Razzle and said lock had regulated to situate his family thanks come him being microchipped.

The sheriff"s office added why microchipping a pet might prove to be a an excellent option and also could aid track them under over long distances.

It included in its statement: "This is a good reminder come microchip her pet. Though collars and ID tags can be helpful, lock aren"t always a reliable form of identification due to the fact that they can easily fall off or come to be hard to read over time, leaving your pet among the other unidentified lost strays in ~ shelters.

"This can easily be prevented by the usage of microchips which offers your pet with irreversible identification." has actually contacted Wade and San Joaquin county Sheriff"s Office for comment.

Razzle is the latest pooch come be reunited with his family, although his odyssey to be much much longer than most.

Earlier in 2021, a man was reunited with his dog, Jolene, after she to be stolen together with many the his belongings soon after he relocated to phibìc Carolina native Michigan.

Another lacking pooch was reunited with his household after the vanished indigenous the family backyard in mountain Antonio, Texas. Chihuahua, King, went back to the household six year after he went missing.

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Razzle, that was in need of some significant grooming as soon as he was found in May, made an epic journey to California and will be went back to his family members in the Ozarks. Mountain Joaquin ar Sheriff"s Office