If adorable animal videos aren"t her thing, you might have let go the completely addictive What the Fluff an obstacle that"s taken end the web this past month.

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The dog is totally unimpressed v its owner"s attempts at the an obstacle - however this gold beauty entirely loses his cool once the big reveal goes down.

Credit: Lisa Lord
The completely heat-warming reunion to be filmed in Livermore, California, by Lisa Lord, who said: "My son, Private first Class Kevin arrived home after nine months in ft Bragg where he had actually been cultivate in the Army.

"His leave was granted to come house to check out family and also friends before he would return earlier to his basic to proceed his extreme training to begin serving our country."

Kevin"s younger brother, Jacob, and also his mum assumed it would be fun to carry out the #WhatTheFluffChallenge.

Credit: Lisa Lord
She added: "While we were all very excited and also emotional to have actually him at home, nobody was happier than our four-year-old golden Retriever, Zephyr, and none of united state anticipated Z"s reaction."

The challenge, which has actually led to a barrage of viral videos of pets being well and also truly bamboozled by their people internet, sees civilization using a bath towel or sheet and also a doorway come "vanish" into thin air.

Basically, it"s a version of peek-a-boo you"d play with babies and toddlers - intend with her furbabies.

However, some owners found if they want to offer the #WhatTheFluffChallenge a try with your furry companions they"d should be fast with your tricks.

Credit: Lisa Lord
This has led to part unlucky pet owners sharing videos of your dogs figuring the end the game and also finding them directly away.

Even better, some owners were left with a pooch fully unfazed by their sudden loss antics.

It"s not just man"s ideal friend that"s been connected with the #WhatTheFluffChallenge, our feline pals have likewise been drawn into the viral trend.

And they may seem detatched at times, but some the those cats couldn"t keep their cool under the sorcery of the challenge.

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