A lost dog instance is virtually every dog parent’s worst nightmare. With so countless potential factors why dogs run away, it’s no wonder that about one 3rd of all dogs will certainly go missing at some point in their lifetimes1. If your dog is lacking right now, we’re i m really sorry you’re going with this. It’s understandable the you might be emotion panicky, anxious or scared. Pause, take a few deep breaths and try to stay calm. A positive perspective can be one of your biggest tools on the find for her dog. Below, you’ll uncover out exactly how to find a shed dog. However first, here are some encouraging shed dog facts to relief you:

What room the chances of finding a shed dog?

90% is the likelihood of finding a shed dog in ~ the first 12 hours49% that dog parents found their canine girlfriend by searching the neighborhood16% of shed dogs manage to uncover their way back home15% the dog parents uncovered their dogs thanks to a microchip or identifier tag6% of dog parents discovered their dog at animal sheltersA shed dog deserve to potentially survive months or also years on your own

So if you have a shed dog, start her search right away to maximize your opportunities of detect them. Her dog could even return on their own, using scent to guide their way. Also the most trained dogs can also travel long distances and also survive by scavenging for food and water until castle are home again.

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Don’t fear; you have actually very great chances the being rejoined with her dog again. A gps dog tracker on your dog’s collar can substantially increase those chances following time.

For peace of mind, follow your dog’s every step: The gendergeek.org general practitioners Dog Tracker (pictured above) uses gps satellites