Just blew previous me and leapt off. She had actually no idea it was so high. She landed and was stunned. She is tho walking somehow and didn't look choose she to be limping however her lip was bleeding and also she was licking she leg which didn't seem to be bleeding native the outside and she did no yelp when my husband felt that a bit. Husband is acquisition her to the clinic now yet what sort of damages do girlfriend think she suffered? i feel terrible.

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She is a 3 year old 50 lb pit mix if the matters.

ETA: They said she appears fine and to come back if anything changes. That adrenaline have the right to stave turn off symptoms and to look at for signs of inner bleeding like pale gums and likewise bring ago if she start limping. What the really fuck I would have passed away if ns did what she did.


Wow! Who's to say. The was fairly a fall and anything could be damaged or broken. Mine fingers are crossed for good news.

One if my fosters did this, that jumped over a railing under 3 stories. Luckily he landing in a bush/tree i beg your pardon slowed his loss down significantly. That was entirely fine, ns was completely shocked and keep a the majority of my dogs tethered when on our balcony because then.

Poor pup!! i don't think anyone can guess. Walk you watch her land, to be it hard? remarkable she isn't limping but maybe she deflected most of the impact with a an excellent landing.

I didn't watch the landing due to the fact that it happened so fast yet when us looked under she was simply standing over there in shock. She is a quite sturdy dog so I'm hoping that she is just okay.

Depending ~ above what she arrived at she may be fine. Ns think it's french ring wherein they perform a 10ft or so wall climb, 2nd story would be only a bit higher of a loss than that. Go the vet carry out x-rays?

No they asserted she looked okay and to only bring her earlier if she developed any concerning symptoms!

She arrived at the driveway yet she had actually lots of forward momentum together it to be a running leap.

Oh gosh ns can't imagine! ours dog likes come lounge on ours balcony. She's not lot of a jumper but, ns seriously worry that sooner or later she'll acquire brave, figure out she can jump, and leap turn off the balcony. That sounds choose you've done whatever I would have actually in that case (gone to the vet, store an eye on the dog). Ns hope all stays well and also that she just has actually a few bumps and bruises.

Yikes, I'm therefore glad her dog is okay!! This is among my worst fears, mine dog constantly leaps before he looks and also I've been very cautious v my screen windows this summer since of it. It's crazy how quick dogs have the right to move once they want something.

Ugh I had actually a similar experience and it to be so terrifying. My dog did this while in ~ the pet sitters and also ran away. She didn’t display symptoms for about 24 hours however by the time I got to she she to be limping, might barely move, and also in a most pain. Us took she to she actual vet and also got X-rays and all that. She had actually a most inflammation and also bruising but nothing broke, so she to be on pain meds and restricted exercise for nearly two months.

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She’s never fully bounced ago from it, us would carry out 6-8 mike hikes before with her and now 5 is a pretty difficult max and also she gets stiff a lot more often 보다 before. It’s so scary so i’m glad girlfriend dude is act okay! Make certain you watch him tho


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