A Texas man explains the story behind a viral photo of a dog transferring a bag that dog food in his mouth amid flood victim in Sinton, Texas. – Aug 29, 2017

As the incredible pictures of the devastation caused by Harvey store rolling in, one in certain has unable to do viral.

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1:47Rescuing the animals who can’t questioning for help in the Texas floods

Otis belongs to a six-year-old boy, that left him with his grandpa, Salvador Segovia during the storm.

Segovia explained to the Washington Post the he left Otis in his ago porch, which to be screened in, but the dog need to have gotten spooked due to the fact that of the storm Friday night.

Otis climate busted open the screen door and also took off.

“I stuck my head the end yelling and also yelling, and no Otis,” Segovia called the Post. “The complying with morning, I acquired out and also kept yelling, circled the block and also everything, and nothing. We didn’t know where Otis was.”

That’s as soon as Tiele Dockens observed Otis walking under her street.

“I don’t know know where he obtained it from, but it to be so funny,” Dockens said NBC News.

She eventually captured up through Segovia and helped reunite the two.

“This lady come by and also tells me, ‘Is that your dog coming under the road?’ ” Segovia said. “And I turn around, over there comes Otis, and he’s carrying food!”

Segovia think Otis must have gone come the regional lumber store, and also found the bag that dog food top top his own.

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“I’m reasoning he choose up that dog food and also he knew whereby it was,” he said. “Nobody was there come feed him, and he choose up the dog food.”

Some have said the dog is symbolic the Texan spirit.

“Must be a Texas dog cause he can survive without help,” one person commented top top Facebook.

Texans space still taking care of the consequences of the storm; floodwaters proceed to increase in the Houston area together Harvey poured rain because that a fourth consecutive day after a chaotic weekend of rising water and also rescues.

With virtually two much more feet (61 centimeters) that rain intended on height of the 30-plus inch (76 centimeters) in some places, authorities worried the the worst can be yet to come.

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