Busch is in the sector for a paw-fessional beer taster to check its Dog Brew. One happy pooch will get a $20,000 salary, plus pet insurance and complimentary Dog Brew, which is bone broth.

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Busch is sniffing about for a new CTO — "chief tasting officer" — and also it desires your very an excellent boy to apply.

The beer brand is broadening its Dog Brew, a canine-friendly, alcohol-free bone broth it released last year. Follow to Anheuser-Busch, the brew offered out in ~ 24 hours.

YOUR DOG might be hired together our Dog Brew chief Tasting Officer w/ a $20K SALARY.As our pawfessional taste-taster, they"ll it is in the face of Busch Dog Brew.Reply w/ her pup"s pic & your qualifications w/ #BuschCTOcontest because that their opportunity to get the job. Pic.twitter.com/a9PGykWZGj

— Busch Beer (

"Don"t be fooled through this comedic portrayal — the function will have really important responsibilities, including leading the growth of Dog Brew"s smell portfolio," Busch composed in a push release. The project will likewise include "taste-testing, top quality control, and fulfilling duties as an ambassador because that the product." The liked pup will also be "a featured content creator top top Busch"s social channels," the firm said.

Along with the salary, the role will come with perks because that the pup, consisting of pet insurance and, the course, totally free Busch Dog Brew.


"In order come fetch this position, some qualifications incorporate a polished palate, an exceptional sense that smell, and also while not required, ability in English would be remarkable," Busch said.

Here"s exactly how to apply: Pet parents can short article a picture of your dog on social media along with their qualifications and the hashtag #BuschCTOcontest.

This notice is simply the most recent example of pups becoming more prominent in the food and beverage space. In January, Martha Stewart launched a line of CBD-infused dog treats. And Ben & Jerry"s is currently making non-dairy frozen dog treats.

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The frozen treats come in 2 flavors, strawberry lemonade and also pineapple lemonade — the very same ones provided for that flavored lager brand that offers the Naturdays name.