Saturday marks two years because Beth Chapman, star the Dog the Bounty Hunter, died at age 51. The late wife of Duane "Dog" Chapman died in 2019 as result of cancer. Early reports declared that stage II throat cancer, i beg your pardon she had actually been managing for years, was the cause. Beth and also Dog"s daughter Bonnie debated this, speak the cancer metastasized to she lungs, and also stage IV lung cancer was the official reason of death.

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As they go in 2020, Beth"s love ones honored her v tributes on social media to note the sad anniversary. This tribute come from Dog himself, and several of their children and Dog"s new fiancée. The household shared uplifting memories and moments including Beth, whose full name to be Alice Elizabeth Chapman (née Smith). Scroll with to view the tributes from the Chapman family.

Dog began the tributes, share the joyous clip the his late mam singing karaoke. In the caption, he just wrote, "Beth."


"Two year hasn"t ever felt this long. I understand you"re listening native above," Beth"s son Garry Chapman wrote. "There"s nothing more I worth than your love, your currently silent guidance, and also your an excellent expectations. I have no doubt you would be proud that me and also what I have done, and what I continue to do even when the odds room stacked against me; I simply wish you gained to see it from under here. No matter what I"m doing your memories will always keep me smiling and also your light always shines ~ above the path forward. Miss out on you mom ."


Cecily Chapman


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Beth"s daughter Cecily Chapman shares various tributes to her mom via Instagram Stories. She said her pendant to respect Beth by enjoy time in nature and showed she was paying tribute herself with a hike at Manoa falls Trail in Oahu, Hawaii.


"It"s been two years since you"ve to be gone. It"s to be so ache long since I"ve watched your smile challenge to face. It"s hard without you," Beth"s daughter Bonnie Chapman wrote. "I"m doing the points you told me come do, I"m still adhering to every piece of advice you"ve given me. I"m thankful you"re no much longer in pain yet it"s been difficult without you. I find out an ext and an ext about you daily from story from our friends. Ns become much more and much more thankful because that the distinct relationship we had. I recognize you"re proud the every strip I"ve taken, and also no one deserve to strip me that that. I"m thankful for the laughs and also understanding we had of every other. Periodically I really miss out on you yelling in ~ me because that not discovering a recipe v you, currently I wish i did. Daily is tough, yet you"ve teach me just how to endure. Each year it"ll feel choose a new wound, but I understand I"ll view you again."